How To Save On a Last Minute Holiday

Going on holiday doesn’t always have to be expensive; there are plenty of ways you can save money on your holidays – especially if you’re booking a last minute holiday.



First and foremost, having a daily budget for each day is one of the best things to do – set yourself a limit to spend each day and that way you won’t overspend and be short of cash with a few days of your trip left. If you want some extra spending money but haven’t got time spare to work any extra hours, why not sell some old clothes or electrical goods, and change it into the currency of the country you’re travelling to?

Do your research

It is important for you to check on several offers before deciding on the most favorable. It is not wise to grab the first deal that comes your way, call the hotels in question, seek advice from friends and make sure you get as many options as realistically possible. It is advisable to go for cottages and holiday parks rather than a hotel. If you are on a budget, visiting countries like Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain is recommended. When it comes to food, getting self catering units is always a cheaper option.

Do your search online

If you are looking for a last minute holiday, start your search online. Each and every company worth its salt has some presence online and is striving to get your business. You are thus bound to get much better deals online than in brick and mortar offices. Websites that have discount codes are a good place to start; they usually have some very good deals.

Keep off peak periods

As a rule of thumb, the first few days of the school holidays and weekends are generally described as peak periods. Avoid making any bookings during these periods as the prices are bound to be high. To save money, always go for those mid-week deals which are always available. As a matter of fact, Sunday travels are always cheaper.

Go for all inclusive deals
whichever way you look at it; an all inclusive deal is bound to save you a wad of cash. The extra cash that you are bound to save can be used for your family’s entertainment. With proper budgeting you can even afford to spoil your family a bit with some fanciful dinners, nice entertainment and beautiful sites to visit. It is worth noting though that not all such offers may end up saving you lots of cash, the saving may not be very substantial.

Minimize all incidental costs

Even though extra charges may seem small; if they keep on piling up, they are bound to eat up your budget. Make sure you know the luggage limits when travelling, always try to carry as little luggage as possible. Carrying packed food from home when travelling for long distances is also recommended. When booking seats, avoid pre-booking, try and get to the airport early and get to choose from the seats that are left.

Get some travel insurance

When choosing travel insurance, make sure you get a cover that takes care of all the risks you may encounter. In this regard, cheap is not always the best option. After you have identified the cover that you want, try and shop around and compare the prices. Get an insurance policy that meets your needs and is within your budget. A good insurance cover will ensure you have some peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Ensure you have your EHIC with you

If you are travelling anywhere in Europe, make sure you have this card with you. In case you fall sick and need some medical attention, this card shall assist to get treated at highly subsidized charges. Without this card, your medical bills can be astronomical.

Get your travel money early enough

It is imperative that you plan this early enough. Make a point of buying all the foreign currency and any pre-paid card that you may need either online or by visiting your bank of choice. Avoid making these purchases at the airport; they tend to be more expensive.

Don’t use your cards abroad

Even though you may have to use your card abroad once in a while, don’t make this a habit. Try your utmost to minimize the use of bank cards while travelling abroad. The bank charges are normally quite high.

Book your extras early

It is usually cheaper to book extras like lounges, parking and car hire in advance. It will save you a lot of money and get you off those long queues.

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