How To Plan Your Big Adventure

Making the decision to embark on a grand travelling adventure is an exciting time. Maybe you’ve been reading about someone’s fabulous journeys. You’ve seen how their horizons have been broadened and how travel has changed their lives. All of this is possible and more than likely the same things will happen to you. There are also the negative stories about people and places to avoid. It’s easy to think that the world is a dangerous place.

The reality is there are way more good and amazing people and experiences out there than the stories you see in the news. So take heart sit down and dream a little. Here are some tips to help you plan your big adventure.


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How long are you going to travel for?

Will you take three months, six months or a year? In some countries, you could end up with a work visa for up to two years. That is a lot of time. You have to think how you are going to support yourself. If you already have the savings, that’s fine, but most of us will have to save every penny or cent to make this trip. That will mean sacrifices. You’ll have to cut back on your social life at home, and maybe even live at home while you save.

Tell your friends about your plans. They’ll understand and even help you. Work as hard as you can and save and save some more. A really big incentive is to book your outgoing flights well in advance. Not only will this save you a lot of money, but it will also mean that you have your ticket. Your trip is no longer a dream. It is a reality.


Booking your ticket implies you have decided on a destination. Whether you are going to South America, Asia, Europe, Africa or Australasia, read up on your destination. There’s some great stuff on Africa for example in PM Nigeria News. Focus your reading on the reputable guides such a Lonely Planet. The likelihood is that you will be travelling in some well-worn footsteps, so get as much information as you can. Knowing where you are going when you arrive in a crazily busy city is a huge bonus.

Think about contacts that you have around the world. Many of us know friends who have friends. Maybe you have distant relations on another continent. Get in touch, tell them about your plans. Prepare them for your arrival. Even a couch for a few nights can be a great help in a strange place.

Plan a route that makes sense.

There are two ways to get around the world. You can fly straight to your destination and then base your trip from there, or you could take it one step at a time and have a few adventures along the way. If you are going to fly to a famous stopover such as Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, why not stop and explore a little?

You could simply fly long haul and take yourself to any destination. These days, you can be in any country’s major airport in 24hrs. That might leave you with more time and funds, to explore a part of the world that interests you.

Now you simply have to ensure that your passport is up to date and that you have any special visas you need for your journey or for working while you are away. It will be the trip of a lifetime, and you’ll enjoy it all the more having planned and prepared it so well.


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