How to Have a Whirlwind Romance in Florence

When it comes to romantic breaks, Europe definitely isn’t short of places to spend time with that special someone. But, as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Florence holds a special place in the hearts of many travellers and it’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to whisk their partner away for the weekend. Make the most of a fleeting visit to Florence with our round-up of some of the most romantic things to do in the city.

Watch the fireworks over Ponte Vecchio
Watch the fireworks over Ponte Vecchio

Spend a Day in the Tuscan Countryside

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy a romantic bike ride into the Tuscan countryside with that special someone. As well as feeling the warm Italian sun on your back, you’ll ride past lines of olive groves, vineyards and medieval castles. Take the ride as part of a tour and enjoy a wine tasting tour at the end, or rent bikes for a more private and secluded tour.

Watch the Sunset

It’s about as cheesy as it comes, but watching the sun set over Florence is a real must if you want to get romantic in Florence. Head to the Piazzale Michelangelo for the best spot!

Pack Up a Picnic

The Italians are renowned for their delicious food, and you couldn’t possibly visit Florence without wining and dining you partner at a fancy restaurant. But picnics can be just as romantic. Visit the local market on Sunday or Tuesday and pack up a romantic picnic to enjoy at the Parco delle Cascine. Best of all, it’s a lot cheaper than the city’s restaurant offerings and is much more thoughtful!

Seal Your Love at Ponte Vecchio

Attaching locks to bridges has been a popular tradition with loved-up Europeans for a few years now, so don’t miss out on your chance to lock up your love forever at the Ponte Vecchio bridge. A popular tradition amongst Italian youths, you simply buy a lock, link your lock to the others on the bridge, make a wish with your loved one and toss the key over the bridge.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

There’s no better way to someone’s heart than great food and drink, and Florence has it in abundance. If you’re feeling peckish mid-afternoon, head to one of the many bars across the city and relax and unwind as you enjoy some of the very best Tuscan wines and cheese in a tasting session.

Watch a Show

After a candlelit dinner, explore the city by moonlight and treat your loved one to a show. Florence is famous for its operas, and the Anglican Church is a great place to catch an intimate performance. Shows can be pricy though, so make sure you’ve visited to save on your luxury accommodation.

Explore the History

Who said history has to be boring? Italy has one of the richest cultural heritages in Europe, and Florence is no exception. Explore some of the many beautiful churches dotted around the city and visit Forte Belvedere. This 16th century fortress is not only fascinating, but it offers beautiful views of the city skyline and the rolling hills of Tuscany too.

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