Hotels vs Rentals: Be Sure to Consider These Things

You probably know by now that a hotel is no longer your only option for holiday accommodation.  More and more people are renting rooms or entire homes via peer-to-peer exchange networks. This business has really boomed in the last few years.

It may seem like the hotel business and the holiday homes business are in a bitter battle. But this isn’t so. The fact is that the two are very different. Major hotel chains are confident that the primary demographics of hotels aren’t the same as those of holiday rentals. This means that people who are looking to rent a property for their holiday were probably not all that keen on hotels anyway.


The cost of renting places is rising. Many places don’t cost much less than a budget hotel these days. But you should consider the value for money you’re getting. It’s a lot cheaper to prepare food using a rented kitchen than by going out every day, or using room service. You’ll also get a lot more room for your money. This is great if you want to have guests round (if the landlord allows). Or if you like to bust sporadically out into elaborate dance and need the space to do so.


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Predictability and consistency

Hotels are a lot more predictable than holiday homes. You generally know what you’re going to get when you book a hotel room. This may be a negative point for you. Don’t like hotels much? You probably won’t like the next room much more than the last.

With holiday rentals, there’s a massive amount of variety within the same general area. You may find two unique, quirky hotels quite distant from another. In a place like New York City, one exciting apartment is usually just a few minutes from another!


If something goes wrong, the managers could move you to another room. It’s not so simple with a rented holiday home unless the landlord happens to own another available property nearby.


Are you impulsive? Hotels might still be the best thing for you. If you’re like me, then you like to book last minute. The flights are often cheaper, and I can ensure that I definitely feel like going then and there. (Ever booked a holiday months in advance then not felt like going as the time approaches?)

Whereas hotels will have several of the rooms you want, a landlord will only have one of the property you have your eye on. These are often booked weeks or months in advance.


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If being around other holiday-goers causes you anxiety or stress, hotels can be a nightmare. Step out of your hotel room and you’re likely to run into several of them in the corridor. If some genius couple has brought their baby along to the room next door, the crying could well keep you awake at night.

With a vacation rental, you shouldn’t have this problem. Of course, one upside of hotels is that you can complain about noisy neighbours. Management should be able to do something about it. If the noisy neighbour is on their own property, it’s tougher to deal with.

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