Free Day Trips in Europe

Looking for days out in Europe but haven’t got any Moolah to spend? fear not, check out this guide to free things to do !

Collioure in France

Collioure is France, is a charming seaside town that is close to the country’s border with Spain where the vivacious Festival de Siant-Vincent was celebrated for the first time in 1701, during the period 14th to 18th of August, when the relics of the patron saint was brought to the town. The festival is celebrated with dozens of folk dance groups and traditional musicians performing in the streets, high-spirited water competitions and dazzling fireworks over the bay. In July as well as in August, you can also enjoy free open-air jazz performances on all Friday and Saturday nights in the town. The playing styles range from Dixieland to Balkan.

Naples in Italy

Naples is an Italian town that plays host to several numbers of festivals during summer time. The beauty is that most of these festivals can be enjoyed for free. On the 16 of July, the fabulous Festa della Madonna del Carmine is celebrated in Naples in honor of the icon who supposedly saved the belltower of the church from fire.



The celebrations start with a huge display of fireworks on the previous day evening. During the time of the fireworks it appears as though the belltower has been set alight. The celebrations continue late into the night in the nearby streets.

 Motovun in Croatia

Motovun Film Festival is held in Motovun, Croatia, during the period 27th to 31st of July. It is a free art-house film festival and is held in the beautifully preserved village on the top of a hill on the Istrian peninsula. In the film festival, more than 70 movies are screened on very big screens outdoors. Those who go to attend the festival can stay in the campsite available nearby for free.

Ibiza in Spain

Spain’s white isle Ibiza is notorious for fleecing the club goers. The entry fees can be as high as €60 for the Pacha closing party. However, you can find the hidden and back-to-basics gem Ibiza Underground that offers not only free entry but also the old school, easygoing ambience and the performance of a top-notch DJ behind the decks.

 Lycian Way in Turkey

Lycian Way is one of the top treks in the world. This footpath is 500 kilometers long and lies along the Turquoise coast of Turkey. The trek was opened in 1999 and is painted with red and white stripes at each 100 meters distance and provided with yellow-and-green signposts in order help trekkers easily carry out their trekking expeditions. If you are on a budget, you can camp at free accommodations that are available along the entire route, drink from mountain streams and cool off at the deserted beaches in the evenings. In addition to enjoying the priceless scenery, you can also explore many of the ruins of the Roman and Byzantine civilizations that you will come across along during the course of the trek. There is no entry fee to visit any of these ruins.

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