Five Picturesque Tourist Destinations In The Indian Ocean

The Maldives 

It is an island archipelago that forms two chains of atolls. The tropical Maldives islands are renowned as the Robinson Crusoe paradise. Holidaymakers mostly go for the all-inclusive packages. This is because many of the hotels are located in private islands owned by them and eating out is a difficult proposition. However, Maldives is an ideal getaway destination and you have to just decide whether you want to sunbathe, go to the spa, snorkel in clear reef waters or take a boat ride to uninhabited palm fringed islands.


The stunning scenery of Mauritius includes pitons, coral reefs, forests and sugar plantations. It offers a mix of French, Chinese, Creole and a good measure of the British Colonial cultures. To make your stay in Mauritius extra special, hotels are of high-end quality and the services offered include spas, golf, trekking, diving walking, etc. There is scope for a lot of exploration as there are botanical gardens, vibrant markets in Port Louis, swimming at Tamarin Waterfalls’ foot and making a visit to the sugar museum. You can also learn to windsurf or sail. It is an ideal tourist spot for couples as well as families.


Indian state of Goa has always been one for the favorite resort destinations for the British from a long time. There are several direct chartered flights to Dabolim and the main attractions are the beaches lines with palms, clear waters and sands.

With its unique blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures, it makes a great holiday destination. You can opt for all-inclusive packages, but eating out is easy as a wide variety for foods and flavors are available. Full moon parties as well as The Goan Carnival, spice plantation excursions, Christian cathedrals and old colonial towns are some of the other attractions in Goa.

Sri Lanka 

Sri Lank is back in the long-haul plans of travelers after the end of the civil unrest. You can go around the country or head straight to the innumerable beaches, you are sure to be enchanted by the scenery and culture. The unique mix of Indian, British, Portuguese and Dutch cultures gives a colonial flavor to the main cities Colombo and Kandy. Tourist attractions include temples; palm fringed beaches, tea plantations, etc. If you are of the adventurous type, you can enjoy a range of watersports and also climb Sigiriya Rock which is a World Heritage site.


The wildlife and the Indian Ocean beaches are the main attractions that draw travelers to Kenya. Most holidaymakers head straight to the beach destinations surrounding Mombasa port and use the beach hotels as the base for sunbathing, watersports as well as visiting some of the local markets. Often, tourists include visits to the National Parks in Kenya as part of their beach stays. Some of the famous wildlife watching destinations include Tsavo National Park, Serengeti, Masai Mara, Shimba and Lake Naivasha.

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