European Road Trip

Have you ever dreamed of seeing just a little more of Europe but wouldn’t know where to begin? We’ve planned the perfect European Road Trip, taking you to seven beautiful European countries and we’ve jam packed each city with a list of things to do and see. Intrigued??


We’re starting our road trip off in quintessentially British London; this fast paced British city is the perfect start to your European adventure. It can be difficult to decide what to do here, with so many worthy tourist attraction, so you’re best staying for 2-3 days to ensure you can fit everything in without having to rush. ‘Must do’s’ whilst in London include; the London Eye, the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, the British Museum and Madame Tussauds.

London > Amsterdam

After you’ve sipped all there is in the way of British tea (and most probably had enough of the typical British weather) hop on the ferry across to Amsterdam. This is the next stop on our itinerary, and before you start thinking Amsterdam is all about stag doo’s and the red light district, think again. There’s a wealth of activities to be carried out in ‘dam and most of them cultural. The house of Anne Frank, for instance, holds tours and has exhibitions and events on year round. Other sightseeing activities in Amsterdam include; Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Arena, the canals of Amsterdam and if you want to do as the locals do, why not visit one of their cafes and ask for a ‘special cookie’.


Amsterdam > Berlin

The most well-known tourist attraction in Berlin is probably the Berlin wall, which was constructed in 1961 to cut off West Berlin from East Germany and East Berlin. The wall was torn down in 1989; however there are still remnants for tourists to visit, and as a reminder of the terror that rained and must not be repeated. Other amazing tourist attractions within Berlin are; the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building, the Olympic Stadium and the Berlin Zoological Gardens, these are to name but a few. You could easily get lost in Berlin for a week or more and not get bored, just make sure you plan your time carefully to ensure you fit everything in.

Berlin > Prague

After the cultural mayhem that is Berlin you may need a sit down with a beer in hand and Prague is just the place to do so. Favoured as one of the best producers of beer in Europe, if not the world and for as little as £1.55 it’s very hard to refuse. Other than ‘sink a pint or two’ there’s a list as long as your arm for things to do in Prague, just a few we think are worth a special mention are; Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the National Musuem, the National Theatre and the Dancing House. The Dancing House, nickname ‘Fred and Ginger’ is a spectacular piece of architecture that is not to be missed, the perfect place for a photo opportunity.

Prague > Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria, as well as the capital of culture and the biggest of the cities within Austria. Our favourite find within Austria has to be the Naschmarkt, one of Vienna’s most ‘eclectic’ markets, featuring hundreds of stalls selling foods from all over the globe, including Viennese, Indian, Italian and Vietnamese. On a Saturday head down to the market early as it turns in to a flea market, selling all kinds of weird and wonderful things. If you don’t get completely consumed by the markets within Vienna then take a peek at a few other sights it has to offer; the Vienna State Opera, Schonbrunn Palace or St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Vienna > Milan

Milan is renowned for being one of the fashion capitals of the world, and it’s easy to understand why when you pay visit to the ‘Rectangle of Gold’, home to fashion super brands such as; Chanel, Missoni, Versace, Prada and Armani, you could be fooled in to thinking you’d slipped in to the pages of Vogue. But don’t be thinking that Milan is superficial because of its interest in fashion; it has spectacular art, architecture and cuisine. Even if you’re ‘just not that in to’ art, a visit to The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is vital, after visiting a real ‘da Vinci’ you’ll be able to tick this off your bucket list. Other ‘must sees’ in Milan are; Milan Cathedral, Teatro all Scala, San Siro Stadium, Galleria Vittoria Emanuel and the Royal Palace of Milan.

Milan > Paris

Paris is probably most famous as a romantic get-away and for the Eiffel Tower, so named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel; sitting on the Champ de Mars as an entrance to the then 1889 World’s Fair. The Eiffel tower receives around 7 million visitors per year to ascend it. However this isn’t the only tourist attraction within Paris, after being a unbelievably cultural on your European road trip, why not release the child within you and take a trip to Disneyland Paris before visiting; le Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, the Palace of Versailles and the Grand Palais.

That’s it we’re afraid, after your last few days in Paris you can catch the ferry back to the U.K. The length of the journey depends on how much time you have to spare and how much you want to take in. We’d advise anything from 2-4 weeks!! What are you waiting for? Get your car packed and your road map at the ready, Europe here we come!

Author Bio: Leah Jarratt is a regular guest writer for Fleetpass, Belgium’s National Fuel Card.

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