Equipment for Adventure Travellers Trying Off-Road Cycling

Adventure travel and off-road cycling go hand in hand. When you try your hand at off-road cycling, not only do you get a burst of adrenaline, but you also can explore off the beaten track and trailblaze your own adventure. You do not have to be a pro at off-road cycling to give it a try, although it is best to start off with easy trails and increase the difficulty as your abilities and confidence improves.

The concept of off-road cycling comes from a fascinating piece of history: in the 19th century, very few roads were paved, so the early cyclists used to travel on dirt tracks and trails. As the roads developed, many cyclists wished to experience the rugged paths, and off-road cycling emerged as a popular activity. Off-road cycling provides a more holistic workout, as your upper body absorbs the lumps and bumps you may experience due to the uneven roads and also assists with lifting your front wheel over obstacles; and your lower body, of course, is engaged in pedalling. All-in-all, off-road cycling is a great exercise that allows you to explore different terrains while engaging yourself in a physically challenging activity.


Safety Equipment

In addition to a suitable bike and an adventurous spirit; it is also important to invest in high-quality equipment and suitable clothing before you set off on an expedition. Whilst it is fantastic fun and a great way to explore; off-road cycling (and any type of extreme sport) can be dangerous and therefore safety is paramount. This means that a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads are a must and you may also want to wear protective clothing. Having the right type of bike is also extremely important when considering off-road cycling. An electric mountain bike would be a great choice for a beginner, as it has several features that make it easier to ride over uneven trails while still providing you with quite a workout. It will also be easier to pedal uphill and maintain control over the bike. Make sure to invest in the right bike based on your fitness and experience levels.

Picking up safety equipment, as well as other extreme sports items, for adventure travellers can be simple and straightforward when you known where to look. Reputable online suppliers, like Skate Hut, carry a wide range of protective gear and much more. This enables you to find everything that you need to get started in one place and also rest assured knowing that the equipment and clothing is of the highest standard.

Even after taking safety measures, you might encounter unexpected accidents while engaging in off-road cycling or other adventurous activities. It’s crucial to be prepared for such situations. First and foremost, remain as calm as possible and assess the severity of the injury. If it’s a minor injury, your first aid kit should come in handy in case you are carrying one with bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers. On the other hand, it is also possible that your injury could be more serious, and in that scenario don’t hesitate to call for professional medical assistance or seek help from fellow adventurers. Usually, injuries are cause by the rider’s mistake. But if it is caused by someone else, you might want to go through some legal resources after a bicycle accident so that you can take the required assistance from a personal injury attorney.

Fun & Adventure

For any traveller with a free spirit; adventure sports such as off-road cycling and similar extreme sports are a must try. You will see many breathtaking sights, get plenty of fresh air, meet many like minded people and get that surge of adrenaline that all adventure seekers are looking for. Whilst you do not have to be a professional to try your hand at these extreme sports, it is essential that you take steps to protect yourself and minimise the chance of injury. This will involve purchasing all the proper safety equipment, but also being careful and not attempting to cycle over any terrain which is outside your comfort zone.

In order to avoid being outside of your comfort zone, it is best to look for tips and talk to people to find trails for the area in which you are exploring and find one which will be suited to your level. It is likely that your skill level and confidence will rise quickly, and before long you will be mastering off road cycling and enjoying exploring rugged natural beauty and seeing sights that the less adventurous do not get to see.

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