Enjoy a romantic escape in the Caribbean

If you’re thinking about taking a romantic holiday – whether it’s your honeymoon or you just feel like going on a special break with your partner – I certainly recommend that you visit the Caribbean. With the region famous for its golden beaches and glorious weather, it’s the perfect spot for spending some quality time together.

To really give your break an air of romance, however, I think it’s important to book yourself in at a luxury hotel. While islands across the Caribbean contain good-quality accommodation that caters to all budgets, I suggest you splash out on a high-end resort. Doing so should make for a getaway that the two of you will never forget!


One Caribbean country where you can be confident of enjoying an astounding break is Antigua. Come here and you’ll uncover a wealth of high-end resorts that cater perfectly for those wanting nothing but the best for their romantic holiday.

Of course, you ought to spend a little time thinking about exactly what you want from your time away before you start searching for accommodation that matches your requirements.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in romantic luxury, why not seek out a private villa? A number of resorts offer this type accommodation and, by staying in one, you’ll have a self-contained property that provides everything you need to relax. Among the facilities that you can expect to come across here are a modern, well-appointed kitchen, bedrooms that come with an en-suite and a private swimming pool.

Alternatively, you might want to think about staying in a suite or villa located within the resort’s grounds. While this may be a more budget-friendly option, you should not make the mistake of assuming it will diminish the sense of romance your break has. Indeed, you can expect such properties to feature their own separate living area and a sumptuous bathroom, thus giving you plenty of opportunity to indulge and relax in your loved one’s arms.

Obviously, the standard of accommodation that you select will play a key role in the level of luxury that you can experience during your holiday, but there are other things you will need to take into consideration as well.

You should also take the time to consider the range of facilities that your resort provides – after all, you won’t spend your entire break within the confines of your room. Staying somewhere that has a spa centre is a great way to enjoy a little pampering, while fitness enthusiasts may want to look for somewhere that has sports facilities such as a tennis court or gym.

Other things to bear in mind are the range of dining options (at some resorts you can arrange for a private chef to cook your own meals) and if excursions are included. The particular trips that are available will vary depending on where in the Caribbean you stay, but you should find that many resorts offer you the chance to go on everything from romantic sunset cruises to fishing trips.

If reading the above has piqued your interest in taking a romantic holiday in the Caribbean, click here to find out more about luxury resorts in Antigua. From there, you can soon get started on planning the break of a lifetime.

Are you considering taking a romantic holiday in the Caribbean? If you are, please let us know where you are thinking of going by leaving a comment below.

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