Dreamy Dubai days

When you look out of your office window and see a blanket grey sky there is only one thing for it. A holiday. And where else to really holiday like the rich and famous, and shrug off the eternal winter blues, than dreamy Dubai.

It is the weather that attracts most people to Dubai and it certainly won’t disappoint. If the heat is what you are after then by around July you can expect the Emirates to reach 45 degrees.

It is a land of air conditioned bars, shops, restaurants and hotels. Everything is geared towards those in search of luxury. And it is luxury that you will find here on every corner.

There are great avenues to find temporary living situations, whether you’re looking for short term rentals dubai, luxury resorts, or any other form of accommodation. So if you’re coming to Dubai for a vacation, you can expect to live comfortably.

One of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, it is packed full of experiences and adventures.

Beaches of beauty

Dubai is picture perfect when it comes to its beaches. White sands, crystal blue waters, you get the idea. The sand is fine and the breeze gives you a wave of coolness just when you need it. The most popular beach in Dubai is the Jumeirah beach. A mere 20 minute drive from the center of Dubai it is home to plenty of cafes and restaurants for you to relax and laze about in.


The water here is shallow which makes it the ideal place for children to play and you will even find a games area for them. Dubai is set up to cater for everyone and the beaches provide refreshments, games, picnic areas, BBQ spots and even showers and swimming pools, for those that are not brave enough to enter the sea.

Al-Mamzar Beach Park is a hot-spot for tourists. Over 106 hectares of beach it is green, white and blue. Palm trees, sand and sea. Ideal for families it has a day dedicated specifically to women and children and is closed on Thursdays and Fridays. The palm trees provide respite from the hot sun and there is plenty for the whole family to do here.

Beach etiquette

As Dubai is a Muslim city it is important to understand the beach etiquette. It is key that you display modest behaviour. This includes refraining from being drunk in public, public displays of affection and using bad language. Modest dress should also be adhered to. Swimwear is acceptable at the beach and at the swimming pool but you should ensure you cover up elsewhere.

Understanding the culture will enable you to make the most of this truly remarkable place. But if you are looking for a family trip of pure luxury and relaxation then Dubai is the destination for you.

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