Discover the Beauty of Jordan in Your Vehicle

Discover the Beauty of Jordan in Your VehicleJordan remains a mysterious country to explore, and for some people it is not the first place they would choose for a road trip. However, Jordan tours are exciting, and can be the perfect way to venture into parts of the country that you may have previously missed.  You will be able to reach more places and explore the real landscapes.

This breathtaking country has everything you could possibly want, and there are many different places to explore in a vehicle. As you travel west, you will notice that there are three parallel highways that run from north to south. These ensure that you can navigate easily around Jordan and if you get lost this is part of the fun.

The main Desert Highway is the quickest way to travel from one side of the country to the other and is the best place to begin your journey. There is not a lot to see along this stretch of road; however, as you reach Wadi Rum, you will be amazed at the drastic change of scenery. There are stunning mountains, which are called Jebels rising from the sand.

If you want to explore Wadi Rum, you need to leave the car in the next village and hire a 4WD vehicle and a driver. The journey is incredibly bumpy and uncomfortable, but it is memorable, and if you have time, you need to have tea in the Bedouin tents that are located in the desert.

Moving towards Petra the views are more dramatic, and you will find that you stop every so often to take in the vistas. Driving further south, the scenery becomes more mountainous until you reach the city of Aqaba. This is a brilliant place to go diving, or simply wander through the streets embracing the many sights.

The Dead Sea remains top on everyone’s list when they visit Jordan, and the opportunity to float in the salt water is heavenly. The Dead Sea Highway travels alongside the water, all the way back to the resorts. There are several lookout points on the route, which are ideal for enjoying the stunning view on offer.

You will discover that Jordan tours are excellent, and many places are straightforward to find, however, a map is essential. The sign posts can be rare, and even on principal roads, there is little in a way of directions. Petrol stations are also not that common to see, so you must fill up whenever you have the opportunity.

If you are feeling adventurous, heading off the highways will allow you to find all of the hidden gems. Many travellers are rushing about, and tend to stick to the main highways, but this does not allow you to see the smaller sights.

It is in the smaller villages that you discover the local people, and can enjoy the traditional way of life. The people are friendly, and will often invite you in to their homes to share their food and hospitality, which is a big thing when you are a foreigner.

You need to have your wits about you when driving through Jordan, and the local drivers can be erratic. There may also be the usual hazards of a camel or goat wandering across the road. Take everything in your stride, and enjoy the experience.


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