Different Things To Do On Your Trip To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and their tourism industry is booming. Taking a trip to this country will leave you in awe as there are so many different things to do. The country has something for everyone and even those not impressed by aesthetic beauty will be shocked by the diverse terrain of the country. Look one way and you could see a volcano then look the other and you see a beautiful black volcanic sand beach. The following are some things that you can do on your trip to Costa Rica.


Costa Rica is known for its incredible surfing spots as many of these places are ranked some of the best in the world. If you aren’t sure how to surf there are plenty of instructors at most major hotels in good surf locations. Be prepared with a surf shirt or shoes though as these can be expensive if bought abroad or from a hotel. Surfdome now has coupons on Groupon so you can get ready for your Costa Rican surfing excursion.

There are plenty of resorts throughout the country of Costa Rica and the staff is all accommodating. Some of these resorts are on beautiful beaches and are all-inclusive. If you want to relax with a beautiful view for a few days one of these resorts is for you. Make sure to check for deals online as travel packages for Costa Rica can save you thousands of dollars.

Besides relaxation and unwinding, there may be a fair share of adventure for you to enjoy too. You could find clubs that partake in scuba, jetski rides, surfing, treks, and other adventure sports. And for the ones who are passionate about fishing, the likes of Los Suenos fishing charters and other similar charters may take you sportfishing in flats as well as deep water.

Exploring the place and going on a tour is essential when you visit Costa Rica as it has so much history and it is the number one country for ecotourism. There are tours where you can hang out with some spider monkeys and others where you visit one of the many volcanoes the country has to offer. Some of these tours are not for those who are scared of heights as some of the suspension bridges can be quite high up.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country that knows how to treat its guests. There is also a large expat community there if you decide you love the country so much that you are moving there!

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