Darwin: an Irish Guide to an Australian City

After a recent visit to Darwin, Australia I couldn’t help but notice that there was a large Irish community and who can blame them for upping and leaving Ireland after the luck they’ve had. It definitely hasn’t been the typical ‘luck of the Irish’. The last couple of years has involved a change in currency, a recession and continued ‘peace talks’ with the real IRA. Darwin’s a stark change with its sunshine, beaches and jobs galore, who wouldn’t choose the latter!

If you’re considering upping sticks from Ireland to head to sunnier shores but worried about feeling homesick, have no fear. We’ve compiled an Irish Guide to an Australian City:


If you’re bored of the BBQ’s then there are an abundance of Irish eateries in Darwin. One of the favourite has to be the Fiddlers Green; this is situated on Darwin’s waterfront precinct. So you get to devour some home comforts whilst overlooking the ocean, instead of the usual grey and dismal Irish weather. Delights from the menu include; Grandma’s Lamb Shanks, Bangers and Mash, and Beef & Guinness Pie, if it wasn’t for the weather you’d probably think you were still in Ireland.



Now this may be a tad stereotypical, but the Irish are known to favour a drink or two and you can’t go anywhere without spotting an Irish bar. Darwin’s no exception, it has well and truly accommodated for its Irish audience, there’s Dolly O’Reilly’s and Shenannigans, situated on Mitchell Street. Shenannigans is popular with Irish and non-Irish folk alike, whether is karaoke Monday, pub quiz Tuesday or a good old Irish knee’s up on a Saturday, this bar is always bustling with friendly faces. And before you ask, yes it does sell Irish ales.



Each year the Irish have one big get together to celebrate all things Irish, the ‘Milwaukee Irish Fest’ is held to ‘Promote and Celebrate All Aspects of Irish Culture, and to Instill in Future Generations an Appreciation of Irish Heritage’ – irishfest.com. The day includes, traditional Irish dancing, Irish folk music, face painting, games and much much more.


If all that isn’t enough to wet your Irish appetite, you can even have the ‘Irish Echo’ delivered to your door every two weeks, updating you on all things Irish within Australia. You’re probably packing your bags as we speak, but before you fly away don’t forget to get the best value for money with Ice Currency Exchange in Dublin.

Have fun!

Aurthor Bio: Leah Jarratt is a regular guest writer for Ice-Ireland.ie, specialising in exchange currency.

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