Creative Ways To Save For Your Trip



One of the hardest parts of traveling is getting the money to travel in the first place! We all have so many dreams about places we want to go and destinations we want to explore. How many of us rule them out though when we realize that we can’t afford the cost? It doesn’t always need to be this way. There are some creative ways that we can save for the holiday of our dreams, without too much hassle. Saving money here, and there will mean that we are one step closer to the funds needed for our trip or a long vacation.

Sell your stuff: selling unwanted items can often bring in more money than you would ever have dreamed. If you sign up for websites such as eBay, then you can even do it from the comfort of your sofa! Online selling has seen a real boom lately. We are all quite happy to sell our unwanted products online and can often get almost as much back as we paid for them. Think about the condition of your items before selling them and do your research first. Look at similar items by other sellers. Do they have a reserve price on their items? You might find that something is worth much more than you thought, especially if it is vintage or collectible now. You could have a luxury collection for your vacation in no time. eBay isn’t the only way to sell online. If you are handy at making crafts then websites such as Etsy offer a great platform for members to start up a shop and sell their items. This works especially well for makers of ceramics, clothing and paper products. A few sales here and there will soon add up, and maybe you’ll find a niche market?

Start a savings jar: this can make you more money than it used to. We all have loose change hanging around the house. Find a set place for it and save it up. You could set yourself a yearly savings challenge and put a set amount into a savings jar each month. You will soon see the money starting to pile up. This is an incentive in itself. Once you see how well you are capable of doing, it spurs you on to save more and watch your savings jar grow each month.

Create a go fund me page: creating a page on a funding site such as Go Fund Me is a fairly new and creative concept of getting where you want to be. Relying on the kindness of others might just help you to reach your goal quicker. It is easy to set up a page. Give as much information about yourself as possible and why you want to visit the place you’ll travel to. Why should people help you? Can you offer any rewards for people who donate? Some people offer branded t-shirts or exclusive updates from their trip.

Shop wisely: sometimes changing the way in which you shop can make a difference to how much you can save for your holiday. Watch for deals, coupons and offers that you can buy in bulk. This will save you money in the long-run. Set up a separate savings account, and you’ll soon be off to a fantastic start. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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