Choosing a Spa Package For Your Other Half

Your other half is one of the most important people in your life. Treating them to a well deserved break or giving them time to pamper themselves is a great gift. Five star spas offer some of the most impressive treatments available in the UK but it can be tricky knowing which one to chose for your significant other. If the spa is well established and has a fantastic reputation then no doubt there will be plenty of packages, treatments and sessions for you to chose from, but where to start? To make this process easier we’ve created some personalities for you to choose from, find your partner below and see which treatments are best for them.

The City Worker

Congested trains. Pollution. Stressful deadlines. All of these are familiar to the city worker. Working around other people in a cramped, noisy city can leave your other half feeling drained and full of toxins. Help them flush the city from their system by choosing packages that detoxify the skin, rejuvenate the mind and help the lower back. Your significant other may be sat at a desk all day, which can result in tension lying in their upper shoulders – choose a package or treatment that addresses these areas specifically. If your partner spends a lot of time in city air then their skin may become oily and congested. Choose a therapy that cleanses the skin so that your partner will feel purified and hydrated. The Landmark Spa & Health Club’s Organic Purifying Defence Facial is great for this. If your partner sits down for most of the day in front of a computer then choose treatments that address the lower back or shoulders like our Back Neck & Shoulder Massage treatment. Light massages that focus in on these areas will give some relief and help your partner feel anew.


The Bride To Be

Between organising distant relatives, finding the perfect dress and trying not to lose her temper with her future husband the role of the bride to be can be a stressful one. On one of the most important days of her life the bride will want to look radiant, beautiful and calm. Packages that address the face, such as The Landmark Spa & Health Club Skin Brightener, will help the bride look her best and stop her worrying about her appearance. Choosing spa packages intuitively will show a great level of care and thought has gone into the gift and that you have their best interests at heart. The dress is one of the most memorable parts of the day, so have the bride to be looking in tip top shape by giving her a full body treatment. We recommend a Full Body Salt & Oil Scrub so that the bride’s skin is left looking silky, smooth and revitalised.


Parental Luxury

Having next to no time for yourself when you’re a parent is a common problem. Indulge your other half by giving them a full day treatment so they can get some clarity and have a bit of ‘me time’. Helping a parent to detox and calm themselves is a rare gift so give them a real treat by letting them fully relax in a two and a half hour body session. The Voya Signature Treatment is particularly popular as it is one of our longest treatments.Therapies that are specifically tailored towards expecting mothers are also a unique experience that you can bestow on your other half. Help them to keep the tonicity in their skin by indulging mothers with the Prenatal Treatment. Essential oils are avoided so that both mother and baby are kept safe. You’re sure to win points with these luxurious treatments.

The Matriarch

Some treatments take a holistic approach and account for the whole body, as well as a sense of well being. These treatments are perfect for Earth Mothers that have grown up children and want to rejuvenate skin that may be looking tired or fatigued. Spearmint has excellent properties for skin rejuvenation, it’s one of the key features in the Holistic Total Body Care package available at The Landmark Spa & Health Club. Your other half may be looking to feel younger so treatments that firm and tone, particularly around the eye area, would be a wise choice. Try our Regenerating & Firming Eye Treatment to help combat the signs of premature ageing.

The Sports Enthusiast

If your significant other is a dedicated sports enthusiast whose life revolves around physical activity, consider pampering them with spa treatments that focus on muscle relaxation and massage. Opt for therapies that include deep tissue massage, as it can greatly contribute to positive blood circulation and the elimination of toxins from the body. By choosing a reputable massage spa, offering sports massage therapy in Dallas, TX (if that is where you reside), you can provide your loved one with a rejuvenating experience that not only helps them unwind but also enhances their athletic performance. The benefits of these treatments will be evident as they feel revitalized and ready to take on their next game or training session with newfound vigour. These massages help to target specific areas, whereas sometimes a whole body massage is needed. Full body massages are great for gym enthusiasts as it targets every part of the body used during a workout. Our Deep Tissue and Full Body Massage options are the best choice for sportsmen and women.


Landmark London offer an extensive and professional spa service, it’s the perfect gift for your other half. View our full range of treatments here.

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