Chilling in Tobago

Looking for things to do in Tobago? Check out this guide to some of the tours on offer on the Island!

The Stunning Pigeon Point in Tobago
The Stunning Pigeon Point in Tobago

Tobago Highlights

This tour helps you to enjoy Tobago’s natural beauty as well as history. The tour starts with the visit to the Mysterious Tombstone where Betty Stivens belonging to the 18th century was buried. The enigmatic epitaph on the gravestone has puzzled people for more than 230 years. Other places of tourist interest that you will visit include Fort James built in 1660s by the Latvians in order to safeguard Great Courland Bay, Mount Irvine Bay Hotel and Golf Club, Store Bay, Fort King George built in the 1770s by the British and the Botanical Gardens in Scarborough.

 Glass Bottom Buccoo Reef

Buccoo Reef is the most spectacular reef in the Caribbean. It is also a snorkelling hotspot. In this tour, you will be driven to Pigeon Point beach where you will board a glass bottom boat. You can watch the best of the underwater life on your way to the reef. At the reef, you can either explore the Technicolor corals with a snorkel or relax on board. You will also visit Nylon Pool, a coral sandbank.

 Roxborough Rainforest Adventure

Since 1776, the Tobago Forest Reserve has been protected. It is one of the oldest nature reserves in the world. You can relax and sit back as you are driven to Roxborough. An expert guide will lead you through the jungle. You will pass hidden waterfalls and streams, get to know of fascinating facts about the trees and plants and be introduced to about 200 species of birds as well as other creatures. They include parakeets, hummingbirds, armadillos, leaf-cutter ants and squirrels. The trek lasts for about two hours.

 Historic Tobago & Nature Park

If you are wildlife lover, you will love this tour. The starting point is Fort James, a semi-ruined fort that was built in the 1660s by the Latvians who ruled the island. It is followed by the visits to the Mysterious Tombstone and the Tropical Garden and Nature Reserve. This a bird feeding house where you can watch hummingbirds flitting and fluttering around the feeding stations. Woodpeckers, parakeets, jacamars, antshrikes and egrets also make regular appearances.

 Pigeon Point Beach Break

Pigeon Point is the most beautiful among all the beaches in Tobago because of its porcelain-white sands, baby blue waters and fluttering palm trees. You will also visit a beach, as part of the tour, which is a resort that is complete with bar, restaurant, restrooms and thatched huts. You can soak up the sun, stroll along the jetty and snorkel and swim in the bath-warm seas. If you are the adventurous type, you can also enjoy water sports such as jet-skis, kayaks and banana boat rides.

 Argyle Falls

This tour gives you an experience of the rainforest-clad interior Tobago and one of the forest waterfalls. You will head to Roxborough first and go on a guided walk through of the Tobago Forest Reserve. About 20 minutes into the trek, you will be able to see the Argyle waterfalls, a three-tiered cascade that reaches up to 175 feet and crashes into pools that are crystal-clear.

 Scarborough Bike Tour

This is a cycling tour that you can undertake to you explore the countryside of Tobago. You will cycle across 19th century banana plantations, grand colonial mansions and pristine golf courses. You will also pass along the coast, Stone Haven Bay, and ride through the southern hills of the island.

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