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Hotels vs Rentals: Be Sure to Consider These Things

You probably know by now that a hotel is no longer your only option for holiday accommodation.  More and more people are renting rooms or entire homes via peer-to-peer exchange networks. This business has really boomed in the last few years. It may seem like the hotel business and the holiday homes business are in a bitter battle. But this ... Read More »

How To Plan The Ultimate American Camping Trip Is there a better place in the world to go camping than the U.S.A? With every landscape imaginable and so many things to see and do, it’s hard to think of somewhere that beats America. But, like all things in life, it’s best not to turn up and hope for the best. To keep your camping trip on track, ... Read More »

Travel Tips For The Most Amazing Trip To Kenya

For wildlife lovers, a trip to Kenya is an absolute must. Many places across the world are noted for being amazing for seeing wildlife. But the truth is, Kenya in East Africa, is one of the best places for seeing animals in their natural habitats. This is because of the diverse landscape of the country, including mountains, lakelands, and the ... Read More »

How To Plan Your Big Adventure

Making the decision to embark on a grand travelling adventure is an exciting time. Maybe you’ve been reading about someone’s fabulous journeys. You’ve seen how their horizons have been broadened and how travel has changed their lives. All of this is possible and more than likely the same things will happen to you. There are also the negative stories about ... Read More »


Most golf lovers and enthusiasts would not think of Dubai as a top golfing destination. More so because it is right at the edge of the scorching Arabian desert where temperatures can go as high as 40°C and stay this way for many months and it only gets as little as 12 cm of rain in a year. Just imagining ... Read More »

The Best Cities in California for Outdoor Fun

Are you planning a trip to California for a much-needed getaway? Do you enjoy being in the great outdoors, so you want to be sure that you will have plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun while getting some fresh air? Then rest assured that California has an abundance of options for outdoor enthusiasts, some of which are listed ... Read More »

Top sites and apps for your travels

Whilst going on holiday used to be all about remembering to pack your toothbrush and swimming costume, now it’s a little more complicated. This is because many of us will now feel compelled to take our mobile devices with us so that we can take advantage of these great sites and apps. Read More »

Your Guide to Getting a Visa to Any Country

Seeing the world is one of the best things you can do in your lifetime. Whether you go to a neighbouring country, or you jet off halfway around the world, you can have incredible experiences. However, visiting another country isn’t always as easy as turning up at the border. Many countries will require you to have a visa. You will ... Read More »

4 Exciting Alternatives To Beach Vacations

Just like many other travellers, I love planning trips to new places. While I am a real lover of beach holidays, I must admit that sometimes it’s nice to organise a vacay that’s a little different. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never get bored of sunning myself on a tropical beach. However, every so often, it’s nice to mix things ... Read More »

How to make extra cash for your Traveling Needs

Many people old and young dream of a day they will travel the world. But for some people who wish for this to happen it remains just that, a wish. There are many reasons that could cause it to be delayed like putting family first, holding on to a job or the very real fear of how to manage funds ... Read More »