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Trips to Australia – A Wonderful Experience

If you have been thinking of taking a short break in Australia, there are various places from where you can do so. The country is a great place for all types of travels be it the adventure trips to Australia or even the family tours. You can also have a look at the various attractions in the cities that you ... Read More »

Melbourne Magic – Why Australia’s Coffee Capital is Considered a Cultural Hub

(Image source: Java, Joe, Jitter Juice… whatever you like to call it, chances are you are one of those people who don’t just drink coffee… you REQUIRE IT. Therefore, you would find yourself most at home in Melbourne. As Australia’s coffee capital, there are more caffeine-loving-yuppies per square kilometer than any other region in the country (statistics may or ... Read More »

The Best Ways To Get Around In Australia

Australia is vast, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to tick off all the sights. Effective planning and research will enable you to travel around without any hassle. If you’re planning a trip down under, here are some of the best ways to get around. Flying Internal flights can save you hours of travelling and enable you to get ... Read More »

5 Great Places in Queensland For Jet Skiing

With a coastline of several thousand kilometres, Queensland’s vast waters and inland tributaries offer a wide range of locations perfect for jet skiing. Whether it is the waterways of the populated South East corner, or the remote tropical waters of the Coral Sea in the state’s far north, these five places represent the perfect settings for taking your jet ski ... Read More »

Take On New Zealand For An Incredible Holiday Destination In 2015

There are many destinations that make long-haul travel worthwhile. New Zealand is certainly one of the ones that give you the best of everything. There are incredible landscapes and countryside, as well as a thriving city and nightlife. Not many places can outdo New Zealand. Are you looking for gorgeous coasts, friendly people and plenty of opportunities for fun? Then ... Read More »

5 Of Australia’s Top Caravan Parks

Whether you’re a ‘grey nomad’, an empty nester or you love taking your family on holiday with you, caravan trips are an increasingly popular way to explore Australia. You may have been caravaning for years, or you may be new to this great way of holidaying. Unless you’re one of those people who honks when you get stuck behind one ... Read More »

Five of the World’s Best Surfing Towns

For those who live and breathe the surf life, it’s a necessity to live in a town devoted to days of riding the waves. A perfect surf town isn’t just a city with a great beach; it needs to have the whole package—consistent waves, friendly locals, delicious food, good deals on surfboards, and a relaxed atmosphere. Here’s a list of ... Read More »

An Easy Guide To Buying Australian Property

Link to image If you have travelled around Australia a few times and fell in love with the country, then buying a property there might be for you. Many people fall for the Australian landscapes and sunsets when they travel around the country, but few make the move. Buying a property in Australia does not have to be difficult. Right ... Read More »

More Than a Harbour and Opera House: Sydney’s Gems

Introduction Have things been getting you down lately? Work? Family issues? Relationship issues? Sometimes it’s good to get away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life and take a much needed vacation. Have some time to yourself. But where will you go, you ask? Why not add a blue mountain day tour from Sydney to your plans? Yes, ... Read More »

Cuisine to Impress the Tourists in New Zealand This Year

If there’s one thing you simply cannot miss out on in New Zealand this year, it’s the fantastic cuisine and wealth of great dishes! Although most of the recipes and cooking styles here have been influenced by tradition and local cooking, there’s also a small international influence on New Zealand food too, which accounts for the seasonal variation.   Most ... Read More »