Car Hire Guide to Barcelona for Summer Holidays

The summer is here and with it the promise of a great Barcelona holiday. The world famous Gaudi Museum, the Sagrada Familia, and the majestic Spanish Steps all make for an ideal getaway. A stay in Barcelona while on your holiday promises to be an experience of a lifetime. The beaches are world famous with the Albarrada beach and its close neighbours offering a good choice for family breaks and beach holidays. There is also a promise of an exciting nightlife with big name clubs such as La Rock in Puerto Pollensa and Las Ramblas.

One of the best ways to enjoy your Barcelona holiday is to take a trip to the city centre and experience the Arenales de Barcelona. The Arenales are a series of open public spaces located along the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Many of the public areas have free admission, although the vast majority of events and activities will cost you money. If you plan to visit the Arenales de Barcelona during your Barcelona trip then make sure that you make all your booking arrangements through your travel agent and not through the cheap Barcelona flights classeconomy.

Another good way to enjoy your Barcelona holiday is to stay in one of the many comfortable hotels such as the Palma Hotel Capellas or the Ibiza Hotel Playa Blanca. Both of these luxurious hotels are only a stones throw away from both the city centre and the beach making them ideal for a great trip. If you want to stretch your Barcelona holiday then consider booking yourself some 8 days car hire from Barcelona by using our recommended services provided by hotel.

During your Barcelona holiday you are also going to want to explore some of the other beautiful attractions that are available to you. One of the most popular things to do is to visit the Gothic quarter of the city called Catalonian Quarter. During your time in Barcelona visiting this part of the city you will be able to witness the history of the city with its dark and narrow streets. Just like the rest of the Gothic Quarter the buildings are designed in the baroque style. A visit to this quarter will allow you to see one of the more charming parts of Barcelona.

If you prefer your Barcelona holidays to be more night time and energetic, then why not try checking out some of the local nightclubs. There are many trendy bars and clubs in the city centre of Barcelona that offer fantastic deals during your Barcelona city breaks. Some of these clubs include La Barrica, Rachadores, Paradiso 21, Club Leblon and of course the much talked about Paradiso nightclubs. If you really want to party hard then make sure you check out some of these top quality bars.

If night life is not really your thing then why not spend your Barcelona holidays in tranquility? Relaxing is a much better option and the best place to relax in the city is at the beach. The beaches of Barcelona are rated as the world’s most beautiful beaches. You will certainly want to spend a part of your Barcelona city breaks basking on the sun while viewing the fantastic array of aquatic life that can be found in the beach. Some of the beachfront bars that you can visit when visiting Barcelona are Cubana beach, Playa den Bossa and of course the famous beachfront Barcelona hotel, Surround Bar.

If you are a lover of the art nouveau period, then you will love visiting Barcelona’s modern Art Nouveau quarter. The Art Nouveau movement was founded in 1900 and focused on renovating Barcelona’s Royal Palaces to create an artistic yet functional appeal. Some of the main characteristics of the Art Nouveau style are a focus on lightness and a dependence on geometric shapes and patterns. One of the main characteristics of Barcelona’s Art Nouveau architecture is the use of large glass areas, such as the Casa de Campo in Barcelona’s Gaudi district.

With so much to see and do on your Barcelona holidays, it’s easy to forget about the city centre. There are many different ways for you to get around the town centre. For example, the metro system in Barcelona is one of the best in Europe. Barcelona’s metro system has got various routes that will get you from the heart of the city centre to all the main districts and tourist attractions. When traveling around Barcelona with your car hire service provider, don’t forget to check out the metro as it’s an excellent way to get around.

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