Camping Abroad: Can It Save You Money Or Result In More Stress?

Holiday makers are increasingly starting to see camping abroad as a perfectly good alternative to traditional package holidays. It might sound mad, but more and more people are opting to camp abroad now over staying in a posh hotel. Not only could it save you money, it will likely turn out to be fun for the whole family! Some think camping abroad could result in even more stress…but can it? Here we discuss whether the pros outweigh the cons:

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Freedom To Explore

One great thing about camping abroad is that you and your family have the opportunity to explore at your own leisure. You’ll have plenty of freedom when camping!

Booking in to a hotel will mean you confine your holiday to one town or city for the whole of your holiday. If you camp, you can pack what you need into the car, and simply pitch your tent in any area you fancy at any time for a change of scene.

There are places you can set up camp in every country, you could decide to camp your way around France or take a camping holiday to the Costa Brava. You’ll appreciate the gorgeous landscapes so much more when camping right by them!

When camping, you have the utmost control over your holiday; you can choose where you want to go, when you want to go there, and how long you’d like to stay there. Plus, just think of the money you’ll save when compared with hotel rates! Pitching your tent will cost you a fraction of the price.

In these tough economic times, a lot of families have been forced to cut down on the amount of money they spend. Many people don’t want to give up their annual holidays, so they come up with new ways they can spend time together as a family that will cost less.

This is why camping is a great choice for your next holiday! Camping, paired with a ferry to your chosen destination is a great, cost effective way to have the break you want.

Airfares can be so expensive, especially when you factor in taxes and baggage charges. Obviously, taking your camping stuff abroad will be very expensive if you fly. By taking the ferry you can take everything you need in the car at no extra cost.

You can even find some bigger campsites that offer static tents for the whole family which include electric lights and kitchens.

If you think that camping will stress you out with the lack of luxury you may be used to, you can always rent a chalet or wooden lodge on a holiday park. It’s a great solution/middle ground when unsure about whether to camp or stay in a hotel – and still a lot cheaper than your traditional family holiday!

Caravanning is another cheap solution to going away – you can rent one on a big campsite, or if you already have one simply take it with you!

Whether you decide to go all out and camp, rent a chalet, or take a caravan, you’ll benefit from huge savings and minimal stress!


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