Brighton for Film Lovers Guided Walks

Travellers in the UK interested in a unique getaway should consider Brighton as a potential destination for an interesting, informative, and active opportunity to see local famous sites.

Situated on the southern coast of England, the town of Brighton is a city with a wide array of attractions to entice travellers for a visit. But for those interested in more than staying the weekend at a fabulous Brighton hotel, Brighton also offers a number of walking tours that give visitors an insight into the town’s literary and artistic roots. The town is the setting for the novels of a number of renowned authors, from Jane Austen to Graham Greene. Similarly, Brighton has a rich cinematic history that is often overlooked by tourists visiting this coastal city. With this history, Brighton has a special attraction for film lovers. No wonder a lot of people are considering moving to Brighton.


Bringing this history to life, Brighton City Walks organizes several walking tours of the city that highlight different aspects of the cultural history of the city. Two of these are specifically designed to appeal to lovers of film and literature. On the “Brighton Rock” walk, visitors tour the sites and landmarks of the book and film by the same name. Tourists will follow the trail of Graham Greene’s thriller through the town on the ninety-minute walking tour.

Similarly, the “Lost Cinema of Brighton” tour takes visitors on a tour of Brighton’s old film houses and cinemas. Brighton has a rich film history, much of which has been lost through the years as the city has grown and developed, and old film houses have been reconstructed or renovated for other purposes. This tour reveals much of the hidden film history in Brighton and gives tourists a unique look into the past. Though many of the older cinemas have been converted into other buildings, some of the historical film houses are still in operation.

Led by film buff Julian Clapp, Brighton City Walks is a unique way to see Brighton. Clapp’s enthusiasm for sharing Brighton’s history and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter are evident as he guides visitors through the secret cinematic tapestry of the town. These two walks are available upon request for interested parties. A third walk is also available for those looking for a broader history of Brighton, called the “Brighton Story” walk. Only a train ride away from London, Brighton is an excellent option for a short weekend trip for those with a passion for film.

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