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Dubai’s love of Bollywood is no secret and it is estimated that at least 10 Bollywood films will be filmed in Dubai in 2017. So exactly did this connection take shape? It wasn’t an overnight phenomenon. Over the last several years, many big-budget movies like ‘MI4’, ‘Bourne Legacy’, ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and Jackie Chan’s ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ have been filmed in the emirates.

Dubai’s film and production industry growth has boomed rapidly, thanks to more than 1,700 flights per month between Dubai and India, the close proximity, grand hotels, and iconic landmarks. Dubai packages are quite popular all year round due to these compelling reasons. The Burj Khalifa, one of the biggest places to see in Dubai – quite literally too redefines what engineering can create. The Tower and its surrounding neighborhood are more centralized than any other new development in Dubai. At the center of a new downtown neighborhood, Burj Khalifa provides direct connections to mass transit systems.

Bollywood Parks Dubai with fireworks, dance, music and simulator 4D shows based on hit Bollywood films. Visitors are greeted by performers and dancers as thumping Bollywood music plays across the park. The Rajmahal theatre stages live musicals. You can watch Jaan-e-Jigar here, a one of a kind Bollywood musical packed with the perfect amount of Bollywood masala in a spectacular two-hour show.

The 157,935 square metre Bollywood Parks is part of the Dh10.5 billion Dubai Parks and Resorts complex. The 4D theatre is where you can experience movies like Ra.One with futuristic and better VFX. Those who visit the park when the theatre and rides are not functional get a free return visit.

The Mumbai chowk is street style zone that is an ode to Bollywood’s home city, Mumbai. Attractions include a ride called Don – The Chase, a 3D motion immersive tunnel that has visitors chasing criminals across Dubai. The Dubai Police are part of the ride, as well as Bollywood megastar Shahrukh Khan.

You can visit the theme park as part of a Dubai tour package and enjoy 16 cinematic rides, six themed restaurants and a choice of 30 live shows that are inspired by contemporary and classic blockbusters, including Salman Khan’s blockbuster Dabangg and the epic historical drama Mughal-E-Azam. There is plenty to do in Dubai besides Bollywood. It is one of the most sought after vacation hubs and a Dubai holiday package can include plenty of things to do in addition to Bollywood theme parks

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