Best holiday destinations to travel with a dog

There’s nothing quite like a good holiday to recharge your batteries, so why not give your dog the same experience by taking it to a destination that you’ll both enjoy? This saves you having to sort out accommodation for the dog while you’re away – pestering a friend to look after it or booking it into kennels, for example – and it also means that both of you can have a great, fun time together. Here are a few pointers on where you might go.


Before you depart

When travelling by car or train with a dog it’s important to make sure you are fully equipped for any eventuality. For example, it’s best to feed your pet around four hours before you stat your journey but not while travelling as motion sickness may have unfortunate consequences if your dog begins to feel queasy. Small, high-protein snacks are fine when there are stops during your trip. Make sure there is plenty of water available, especially if you are likely to encounter hot weather. If you are travelling overseas (or even if you are not) it makes sense to make sure that all your pet’s vaccinations are up to date, and that you have packed flea tablets alongside bedding, water bowl, lead and doggy toys and treats. There’s no point leaving anything up to chance.


With more people now opting to stay in the UK for holidays it’s become easier to find pet-friendly accommodation. Let’s start with The Devonshire Arms in the Yorkshire Dales, situated near Bolton Abbey and a spot where there is a special lounge just for dogs (although humans are welcome to use it should they choose). Bedrooms include a doggy bed, water bowl and a selection of tasty treats for the pooch. Nearby you can both enjoy a river walk and a dog-friendly beach.

In the Lake District, Overwater Hall welcomes dogs staying in your room and even provides a dog-sitting service. With countless walks by lakes, mountains and rivers nearby and a superb picnic lunch provided by the fabulous kitchen, this hotel is set in 18 acres of parkland and offers endless opportunities for doggy explorations. There are also great UK destinations for dogs elsewhere in England and in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Europe and overseas 

Among the European destinations where dogs are made particularly welcome are Amsterdam (Radisson Blu Hotel), Paris (Hotel Le Compostelle Le Marais) and Barcelona (Hotel Derby). Remember if you are travelling by air you will have to crate your pet, so choose a carrier that’s at least as tall as your dog’s shoulders so it can turn around comfortably during the flight.

Pet-focused hotels in the US include Hotel Monaco Alexandria (Washington D.C.) and Cosmopolitan (Los Vegas). For a great resort experience try Lowes Coronado Bay Resort (California) where many restaurants allow dogs to sit outside on the patio while you eat.


Check to see if there are restrictions about taking a dog to your holiday destination outside the UK. You may need special documentation to prove that your dog is healthy.

Beyond anything else, always think of your dog’s welfare right from the first moment you start to plan your trip. That way, you will both come back relaxed and refreshed.

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