Best hiking routes for backpackers

With the world before your feet and a compass in your hand, backpacking is a real adventure into the unknown. For those who like to explore new destinations with their own two feet a tour of the best hiking routes is ideal – but where are they?


1. Tibet

First up on our list is the Mount Kailash Pilgrimage in Tibet. Only 32 miles in length, this may not be the longest option on our list but it’s still exhilarating. The actual mountain is considered out of bounds but the pilgrimage around the foothills is an important tradition, giving you the chance to enjoy varied social encounters whilst taking in the beautiful sights.

2. Australia

Whilst the outback may be the most obvious choice for backpackers, the Bibbulmun Track in the Southwest could prove a wiser choice. First opened just under 15 years ago and covering 600 miles, the walk takes inspiration from aboriginal traditions and takes backpackers through forests and wildlife with the starting point only 45 minutes from the major city of Perth.

3. Italy

With plenty of beautiful landscapes, our favourite hiking trail has to be Cinque Terre in Sentiero Azzuro. Hugging the coastline and with rail transport available in between towns should you get tired, this is a great family-friendly option and great for backpackers planning a trip with a group of individuals with mixed abilities when it comes to exercise.

4. Iceland

This may not be an immediate choice for backpackers but it’s certainly one which packs a punch. The Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðouháls Pass is our pick of the crop here, taking in volcanic landscapes that are truly breathtaking. Alongside craters and outstanding views you’ll also be treated to an almost endless display of waterfalls in the deep ravines of the area with the crowning glory, Skógafoss, descending 200ft.

5. Israel

Our final addition, the Israel National Trail covers an impressive 580-620 miles and passes through empty deserts for a truly unique experience. Alongside the natural attractions you’ll also get the chance to visit important sites – such as Mount Tabor, Mount Carmel and the Metzudat Koach memorial. What more could you want?

Preparing for your trip

Once you’ve decided on your trip it’s important to make sure you’ve made all the necessary preparations. Researching a rough route, taking sufficient supplies and informing friends and relatives of your plan is all essential, as is opting for backpacker travel insurance.

You can find insurance for backpackers from Allianz Global Assistance and it’s always best to opt for a specific policy like this which will cater to the unique risks and demands of backpacking.

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