Autobahns & Bratwurst – A Driving Tour of Germany

What are some of the things that are immediately summoned by your mind when you hear the word ‘Germany’? Autobahns and Bratwursts are certainly likely to be among them. It may not immeditely be top of your bucket list but a drive through Germany lets you relish the culture, flavour and technological edge of the most advanced country in Europe.

Germany is rich in culture and has immense amounts to offer in terms of culinary delights, places to visit and monuments to see. And, of course, there is the great music scene and other fantastic heritage treats for the traveller.


Why do we recommend a drive-through to experience Germany? If you have ever heard of the glorious autobahns or the German federal expressways, then you’ll know that to enjoy these as a traveller, you will have to opt for a rental car and zip across these world-class expressways. Possibly one of the most curious features about these renowned expressways is that they that do not exercise a speed limit except where marked. There is, without doubt, an advisory limit on the maximum speed.

The autobahns come highly recommended to travellers not only for the spectacular view that one can get from these expressways, but also for their architecture and technical finesse which are marvellous testimonies of development. The structural perfection comes through in a way which has been constructed to overcome natural inclines and curves. These ways are the ideal place for people to test cars, speed drive and even race. The autobahns are also historically relvevant and have a lot to speak of the country’s political history.

The autobahns of East Germany, also know by some as “Dark Germany” or “Dunkeldeutschland”, are telling of the times when people where forced to live there by threat and fear. Now, most of these areas have been deserted, with very few residents remaining. Most people have migrated to the more developed zones of Berlin and other places. For travellers these expressways are an absolute must! Just remember that drinking and driving, and talking on the cellphone while driving are prohibited in Germany.

There are so many places to drive to and enjoy in Germany. The landscape can be breath-taking, whether it is the beaches of the Baltic sea coast or the low mountain range of Harz. Berlin is a must-see with its galleries, night clubs and of course its famous history. Munich is well-known for its Oktoberfest and let us not forget Nuremberg with its famous Kaiserburg castle and the horrors of the Nazi regime.

Nuremberg is also famous for the curious culinary treat, the Bratwurst. Apparently the origin of this food can be traced all the way to Nuremberg. The Bratwurst refers to chopped meat and sausage, which are either grilled or pan-fried, or alternatively even cooked in broth or sometimes beer. This famous German dish is a must-try if you can stomach it!

Germany has so much to offer for everybody. It certainly is a historical, visual and culinary must-experience for all travellers.


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