Always Choose a Room with a Hot Tub

The days when the weatherman was comparable with a fortune teller are quite a distance behind us now, with weather forecasts being a lot more accurate than they previously were, but for all the modern tech, models and data we use to predict the weather with more accuracy in this day and age, it’s still not 100% accurate. For some reason, this lack of 100% accuracy seems to shine through even more so when one plans a holiday getaway, with the weather choosing the most inopportune of times to go off the modelled charts.

That’s why you should always book a room with a hot tub if one is available to you at your place of accommodation when you’re going away for a bit. A room at a guesthouse, hotel, resort, etc, that comes with a hot tub is in some instances all you’ll really need to enjoy any getaway where relaxing and rejuvenating form part of the holiday plans. I mean the phrase “hot tub holidays” is actually a thing, with couples enjoying an entire romantic weekend getaway practically soaking it up in their hot tub. You also get spa treatment getaways which are centred on the hot tub as the focal point of the retreat, so when the weather outside is not quite in line with the plans you may have made, there’s always a nice hot tub waiting for you in your hotel room.

If the hot tub is in a temperature controlled room then what more do you even need further? The champagne can chill on the ice right next to the tub and there’s sure to be plenty of space to place the champagne glasses for easy access.

It might appear to be a bit tacky on the surface if you look at all those clichés associated with professional sportsmen and other celebrities, where there’s a huge hot tub filled right to the brim and enhanced with bubbles, perhaps stationed in full view of a big screen television so that they can get a good view of some of their favourite programmes while the body soaks in the tub. It’s a different story experiencing it yourself however and once you get a taste of it just once you’ll perhaps never want to book a room without a hot tub ever again.

There are other options when it comes to hot tub holidays in the UK. Lodges with hot tubs offer a sort of home away from home that allows complete freedom and relaxation. It can even be a test run for purchasing your own. Just imagine sitting back in a private outdoor hot tub with a glass of champagne as the sun sets. Perfect. It’s worth taking a look at iknow UK to see if you can get a good deal, they’ve got accommodation all over the UK, from cottages with hot tubs to hot tub lodges.

There are other reasons to make sure your hotel room comes with a hot tub beyond making for a backup entertainment device for bad weather outside, one of which will perhaps raise the eyebrows of the environmental nuts, but hey, what the heck? Back home you’re probably very conscious about saving water and electricity, so you perhaps consume wisely, taking extra care not to waste, but when you’re on holiday then you deserve to let go a bit.

If the hot tub you’re soaking in is one that comes with a hotel room, chances are you have access to a lot more hot water than what your geyser or boiler at home stores at any one time, so enjoy soaking in some perfectly heated water for as long as you like really!

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