All Inclusive Holidays to Jamaica- What is on offer?

Blue LagoonJamaica has beautiful landscapes, crystal clear water and fascinating places to explore, guaranteeing that you never tire of visiting. You will soon discover that people are friendly and laid back, and the island is inviting and intriguing. There are many different things to see and do whilst on the all inclusive holidays to Jamaica; therefore, planning is essential.

Blue Lagoon- this area of the island is named after the movie, which starred a young Brooke Shields, and is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. The secluded cove has a stunning turquoise blue pool, which is incredibly inviting. The underground streams that feed this pool create warm undercurrents, and calming waves.  Experienced divers can plunge deeper, and explore the deepest points of the pool.

Bob Marley Museum- thisfascinating museum is situated in Kingston and is crammed full of Bob Marley memorabilia. Whether you want to look at his famous shirts, or his platinum albums they are all in this location. There are several areas that are unbelievable, such as his untouched bedroom, where all of his personal items are still in place. You will see his hammock blowing in the gentle breeze, and the room which is riddled with bullet holes from the assassination attempt.

Boston Bay- is a unique place to visit, and although there is not much to see the smell is something that you will never forget. This is the world famous birthplace of jerk, and everywhere you go in the area, you can smell the spice rub. There are jerk stalls selling numerous different slow cooked meats, ensuring that you dine like a king.

Rafting the Rio Grande- this experience was considered exclusive, but today everyone can have the opportunity to raft the Rio Grande Valley. The route is from Berridale to Rafter’s Rest at St Margaret’s Bay, and is a pleasant way to spend a few hours. If you are lucky enough to experience a

Visit port Royal- this sleepy fishing village is an excellent place to visit when on the island due to the fascinating pirate history that surrounds the place. You can stroll in the footsteps of legends, and gaze at the cannons that are still in place to defend the city walls. The maritime museum is appealing, and you will discover a vast array of history about this part of Jamaica.

Blue Mountain Peak- if you enjoy hiking, and want to let off steam climbing Jamaica’s highest point is refreshing. You will notice that as you climb the mountain the vegetation gets less tropical and sparser. The summit is bare, but the sunrise is magnificent, ensuring that you are satisfied that you made the climb.

Black River Crocodile Spotting- travelling by boat to go and spot crocodiles may seem strange, but this is an exciting thing to do whilst on all inclusive holidays to Jamaica. You will be able to see the wild Jamaica, gliding past marshes and mangroves. The tour guide that is escorting you will be happy to explain all about the different plants and animals. They will also help to keep you safe as a large crocodile passes by your boat.

Windsor Caves- these caves are located in the heart of the island, within the rugged terrain and jungles. The effect of water over the years penetrating the rocks has created a distinctive Swiss cheese effect. There  is a vast abundance of bats in the caves, and you need to be prepared for a few flying close to your head.


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