African Travel Tips: What You Should Not Do While on Holiday in Africa

Money Travel Tips Responsible Travel Tips Travelling has changed a lot in the last 20 years, yet the spirit of travel is the same. People travel to get a good adventure, to change, to add fun to their lives, and for socialization. It is a fact that travelling adds excitement to one’s life and makes the person feel like they are on top of the world. But with all of these wonderful benefits of travel, one thing has changed. People now tend to spend money more on travel than they do other things in life.

Travel Tips Save Money A lot of travel tips focus on local travel and how you can save money on it. But sometimes, going to a foreign country just to eat, drink, and have fun will end up costing more than the money you spent. You should always check the locals’ dress code before you go, as some locals may insist on you getting your clothes specially made for local occasions. It’s true that locals are used to tourists having inferior clothes that are not suitable for the weather, and that may be why they charge a lot for your custom.

Travel Tips For Men Looks Like Girlfriends One of the most annoying travel tips is that when you are a man, you need to pack light. The men’s travel tips often tell you to pack light, so you can wear something flashy. On the contrary, men should always try to wear something comfortable, so you can carry a light backpack with you. If you are not a man, you can always try to look like one. Just look at the travellers around you will be able to figure out what type of person they are.

Carry One Day Backpacks You probably know how expensive it is to take a long trip, so never think that a one-day backpack is a good idea. There are plenty of tourists who manage to carry a small backpack that they never have to use. This will allow them to save money without sacrificing comfort. You should never take a large backpack on short trips, because the locals will ask you to remove it during your stay. Instead of complying, you should run away and hide somewhere until the locals ask you to put it back on. That way, you can always have one day backpacks at your disposal.

Travel Tips For Women When you are a tourist, one of the best travel tips for women is to never ever buy sunscreen or anything made of oil, because it will get bad stains on your delicate skin. Also, you should never wear sunscreen every day, because the sun will make your face turn red from time to time. However, there are plenty of women who do not know these tips. Therefore, they often end up spending a lot of money on expensive sun protection.

Travel Tips For Men If you are a man, then you should learn how to dance in order to save money and make yourself more attractive to the locals. You can try out various kinds of dances in order to attract the local women. For example, the Sambar is a good choice in most places, especially if you are traveling to an African country. Furthermore, you should also never tell the locals that you are not a local because you want to use the local language, as that can be a big mistake.

Travel Tips For Families One of the best travel tips for families is to never split the cost of a hostel between your children. You should always try to find a hostel where the family can share everything. Usually, you will be able to save money by asking for an exchange of currency instead of buying food and drinks for your kids. This will also benefit the parents, as they will not need to buy any new clothes for their kids once they reach home. Finally, you should never tell the locals that you are going away with your family because most tourists tend to do that. Instead, you should inform them that you are heading to a nearby resort or a beach and invite the locals to join you there.

Travel Tips For Couples Since one of the major attractions of visiting African countries is having a beautiful and romantic place to stay, you should spend some extra time learning about the local culture before leaving. One of the best ways to do this is to visit a local hostel. As you know, most hostels offer free or heavily discounted accommodation for couples and families. You should never expect to pay full price for the stay in the local hotel because most hostels are backed up by the local tourism and you can expect to have fun every day.

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