Adventure: New Jersey At Night

If you have yet to experience the incredible nightlife that New Jersey has to offer you then you’re missing out. For some reason, many people neglect this fantastic and stylish destination in favour of living it up in the Big Apple.

I’ve always liked to think of myself as the type of person who takes the road less travelled when I can. By going to lesser known places you get to experience so much more and see things that other people have overlooked.

People tend to look at New Jersey as New York’s understudy, but that doesn’t have to be the case. New Jersey has so much more to offer than you might imagine and doesn’t have the overly commercialised places you’ll find in New York. This time, for my adventure, I have decided to take a trip to one of my favourite underrated places, New Jersey.

Baby, I’ve Got The Blues

One of the best things about New Jersey is the wealth of Blues bars it has here. I have never been a huge Blues fan, but on coming here I have learnt so much about the amazing style of music.

There is something so sleek and stylish about this form of music. On hearing Blues music, it brings to mind gorgeous French clothing, cigarettes and red lipstick. I have many times found myself completely lost in the music, when I’ve been in Blues bars in New Jersey.

During my trip I’ve spent a lot of time in Blue Moon, a little Jazz and Blues bar on South Broadway. Blue Moon is one of my particular favourite bars, as it is so welcoming, but at the same time in demand and edgy. Cecil’s Jazz Club, on Valley Road, is also a good place if you cannot get into Blue Moon, but it is not my first choice of bar.


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Travel In Style

This time round I am not travelling alone, which makes a nice change of pace. I have with me two of my closest girlfriends, both of whom I have known for well over ten years. To celebrate this, we decided to have one big night in New Jersey. Having a night out meant we could let our hair down and unwind before we moved on to other adventures.

We usually tend to opt for getting cabs everywhere, but for this special night we decided to go for quality party bus rental in NJ. None of us had ever been on a party bus before so this was exciting.

We took our private bus down to Broadwalk where we were able to ‘rock the Casbah’ at the Casbah nightclub down there. The Casbah is well known in NJ for being open late, and I have no idea when we left.

Sleeping Under The Stars

So, we didn’t sleep under the actual stars, but we were just a few rooms down from some celebrities, so I think that counts. For this adventure, we decided to splash out on an expensive hotel room. This time we stayed at the Blue Fish Inn, which was the height of style. I am glad that we opted for this one as there were some discussions of hostels.

The hotel is in Cape May, NJ, which means it can be a bit of a pain to get to. Regardless we managed to find our way back there, no doubt thanks to our party bus. When I look back on that night, I am so proud of what we achieved, we managed to have an amazing night in NJ, with no stress and pure fun.

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