Adventure Holidays

Laying around on the beach under a brilliant sun certainly has its place, but if you’re tired of working on your tan, then take a trip to these destinations to waken up your wild side:

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not only is this a gorgeous tropical location, but this country is chock full of fun and adventure.  Try your hand at surfing at Rincon, where swells are well known to reach 35 feet or higher.  Or, if you’d rather get below the waves, take advantage of some of the world class scuba diving around Desecheo Island, Mona Island and Vieques.  Or, if you’re keen on hiking and rock climbing, make sure that you make a stop by terra firma.  Some lucky hikers can even take a horse part way through their journey.

Grand Canyon National Park, USA

At the very depths of this deep canyon lie numerous whitewater rafting routes that will whisk travelers anywhere along these grueling 277 river miles.  Anyone from beginner to expert can ride the tides, though most trips are done with the helpful hand of a river guide.

If getting wet isn’t you thing, then there are a number of other things to do like horseback rides throughout and along the canyon, or for those who aren’t vertically challenged, you can choose to soar above the canyon on one of the many helicopter tours.

Whistler, Canada

Hit this top of the line ski resort during the winter for some of the best “off trail” ski and snowboard routes known to man.  Several of these routes will plunge thrill-seekers several meters down steep, snowy slopes that the average skier and snowboarder just would not be able to handle.


But if you aren’t too keen about strapping a board to your feet yet still want to get your heart pounding, then check out Whistler Bungee, where you’ll truly experience a thrill of a lifetime as you plummet head first towards the icy waters below.  There are also other activities that you can do, such as paragliding, and within a short couple of hours away there are several top notch sky diving spots for you to test your wits.

Bali, Indonesia

This is where you’ve got to go if you’re into extreme fishing and surfing.  With ocean rafts often reaching speeds up to 44 miles per hour, fishermen need to hold onto their sea fishing rods (if you don’t have one, you can have a look on the big range on North East Tackle, linked before), you’ll need to as they crash through the breakers off the shore of Bali.  Guides not only provide the thrills, but they also come armed with a ton of useful knowledge that is sure to this fishing trip a memorable one.


For those who may be less into fishing but still want to take advantage of the wild waves of Indonesia, then hit the island’s western seaboard for some fantastic surfing.  Or you can hop into a raft on the Ayung and Unda rivers for some wild whitewater rafting.  These raging rivers aren’t the only thing that’ll take your breath away; the lush and unique volcanic landscape that surrounds you is sure to do the same, too.

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