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Laying around on the beach under a brilliant sun certainly has its place, but if you’re tired of working on your tan, then take a trip to these destinations to waken up your wild side:

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not only is this a gorgeous tropical location, but this country is chock full of fun and adventure. Try your hand at surfing at Rincon, where swells are well known to reach 35 feet or higher. Or, if you’d rather get below the waves, take advantage of some of the world class scuba diving around Desecheo Island, Mona Island and Vieques. Or, if you’re keen on hiking and rock climbing, make sure that you make a stop by terra firma. Some lucky hikers can even take a horse part way through their journey.

Cedar Creek Lake, USA

Cedar Creek Lake, nestled in the heart of Texas, beckons adventure enthusiasts for an exhilarating escape. This picturesque lake offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor excitement, making it an ideal destination for adventure seekers.

For water enthusiasts, Cedar Creek Lake presents a playground of aquatic adventures, including fishing and kayaking. The lake’s reputation as a fishing paradise draws anglers from far and wide, with opportunities to catch various fish species like bass and catfish. Additionally, with the guidance of seasoned fishing experts such as those available at and similar platforms, your fishing expedition can transform into an educational and unforgettable journey.

That said, for those seeking a more leisurely aquatic experience, kayaking offers a tranquil exploration of the lake’s serene beauty. Paddling through calm waters allows for peaceful immersion in the surrounding nature and the discovery of hidden coves.

Surrounding the lake, you’ll find hiking trails that wind through scenic woodlands, perfect for nature exploration. Camping facilities along the shoreline allow you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors, and serene lakeside spots are perfect for picnics and sunset-watching.

Cedar Creek Lake also hosts community events and festivals, offering a taste of local culture and entertainment. Whether you’re seeking water-based thrills, nature immersion, or a relaxing lakeside getaway, Cedar Creek Lake promises a memorable adventure in a stunning natural setting.

Moreover, the lake’s proximity to charming towns and waterfront dining establishments ensures that your adventure is complemented by local cuisine and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Cedar Creek Lake is your gateway to a diverse range of outdoor experiences, making it a must-visit destination for adventure enthusiasts.

Grand Canyon National Park, USA

At the heart of this awe-inspiring canyon, lies a multitude of thrilling whitewater rafting routes that beckon adventurers to embrace the challenge of navigating the formidable 277 river miles. Here, the Colorado River carves through the rugged terrain, offering a range of experiences suitable for everyone, from novice rafters to seasoned experts. While these turbulent waters may seem daunting, many opt for guided trips, where experienced river guides provide invaluable expertise and ensure a safe and exhilarating journey.

For those seeking a drier adventure, the Grand Canyon offers a plethora of other exciting activities. One such option is embarking on horseback rides that meander through the canyon’s enchanting landscapes. This equestrian experience allows travelers to connect with the natural beauty of the area while exploring its nooks and crannies.

For those with a head for heights, soaring above the canyon on a helicopter tour presents an unforgettable perspective. These aerial excursions grant a bird’s-eye view of the Grand Canyon’s colossal formations, revealing its vastness and intricacies in a way that’s impossible to appreciate from the ground. It’s an opportunity to capture breathtaking vistas and create lasting memories.

Beyond the adventurous pursuits, the Grand Canyon’s sheer grandeur and geological wonders offer a profound experience, with each visit promising a deeper connection to this remarkable natural wonder. Whether riding the rapids, exploring on horseback, or soaring through the skies, the Grand Canyon invites all to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Whistler, Canada

Hit this top of the line ski resort during the winter for some of the best “off trail” ski and snowboard routes known to man. Several of these routes will plunge thrill-seekers several meters down steep, snowy slopes that the average skier and snowboarder just would not be able to handle.


But if you aren’t too keen about strapping a board to your feet yet still want to get your heart pounding, then check out Whistler Bungee, where you’ll truly experience a thrill of a lifetime as you plummet head first towards the icy waters below. There are also other activities that you can do, such as paragliding, and within a short couple of hours away there are several top notch sky diving spots for you to test your wits.

Bali, Indonesia

Imagine yourself in Bali, the ultimate destination for adrenaline junkies passionate about extreme fishing and surfing. Here, the heart-pounding thrill of ocean rafting takes center stage, with high-powered vessels slicing through waves at speeds that can reach a jaw-dropping 44 miles per hour. As you cling to your sea fishing rod, available in a wide selection from North East Tackle if you need one, you’ll experience an electrifying rush as you conquer the breakers off Bali’s pristine shores.

You can also embark on a daring whitewater rafting journey down the Ayung and Unda rivers. These untamed waterways are not the only breathtaking elements; the lush and distinctive volcanic landscape that envelops you promises to leave you equally spellbound. Bali, where adventure meets nature’s wonders, invites you to savor every thrilling moment amidst the wild waves and exotic landscapes of Indonesia.

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