A Visit to the Casino should Be about More Than Just Gambling

Look it’s perhaps obvious what the main attraction at a casino is – having a pop at walking away with some neat winnings, but to the traveller at heart a visit to the casino should be about way more than just gambling. In fact, many casinos go out of their way to promote themselves as complete entertainment venues that offer fun for the entire family. Whether by design or out of necessity, gambling is just part of what makes up the casino experience.

Casinos around the World

Whether you base your observation on popular casino hotspot clusters or indeed on those casinos which are hardest hit by a disinterest in gambling, it always proves to be very rare to find a casino that exclusively offers gambling as their only activity. Yes, taking your chances at the tables or slots machines is naturally marketed as the main attraction, but there is so much more to enjoy.

Fine (and not-so-fine) Dining

Perhaps more out of necessity than anything else, European casinos are most renowned for the dining experience they offer along with the lure of the gaming floors. A recent and steady decline in the actual gambling aspect of a lot of Euro-based casinos might be associated with a sharp rise in online gambling, but nothing beats being able to walk off the casino floor and straight into a fine dining restaurant; something which is almost always a big part of any casino in Europe. A mapped infographic depicting how casinos are scattered throughout the whole world could very well be a map of the locations of fine dining spots around the world. If you’re into fast foods you’re covered as well, particularly in those casinos located in Asia, South America, the USA and Africa.

Luxury Accommodation

Sure, in highly concentrated casino hot-spots like the unmatched Las Vegas in that aspect, accommodation that can cost as little as $10 per night could never have any legitimate claims to luxury. These types of budget motels and hotels are for nothing more than crashing for a couple of hours just so that you can re-fuel and hit the casino floors again, hard. On the contrary, if we take our focus as far as Sun City in Rustenburg (just outside Johannesburg), South Africa, and The Star in Sydney, Australia, lodging takes on a luxurious twist. You can spend as much as $15,000 per night to sleep and be pampered in a luxury penthouse or five star hotel that inevitably encompasses some fine dining to go with it as well.

Family Fun

As a responsible gambler you can get lost in the thrill of the next spin for hours on end, but if you have kids in tow they can also have oodles of fun at a casino. Minors are obviously not allowed on the gambling floor, but you’ll usually find child-friendly and child-specific entertainment within the premises. Whether it’s watching some exotic birdlife in Puerto Plata’s Ocean World or catching a movie in the resident Cinema at Sun City, there is plenty of fun for the whole family to be had at casinos. Las Vegas in Nevada, USA is a great example of how family-friendly activities radiated outward from the casino industry, with some major theme parks and other family-fun venues located in the downtown area.

So next time you visit a casino, wherever in the world it may be, take some time to explore beyond the gambling floor and you’ll discover that casinos are indeed more than just about winning or losing money.


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