A Complete Guide to Planning Your Next Adventure Abroad

Any experienced traveller knows that planning your next trip is where the fun begins because it’s the start of the process. So, here’s your guide to planning your next adventure abroad.

Decide on Your Destinations

Where you go is the most important thing about your holiday. Therefore, this is why deciding on your destinations is the first thing you should do when planning your next adventure abroad. Don’t limit yourself to one destination though, you can go to a whole host of countries and spend some time travelling around.

If this is what you want to do, you give island hopping a try. To do this, you need to travel to a part of the world that has lots of small islands that aren’t corrupted by the tourism industry too much. A lot of people do this in Greece as there’s a lots of great little islands to be found off the country’s mainland.

Tick Off Ambitions

If you have a list of ambitions, or a bucket list that you need to do before you die, you could incorporate these into your next holiday. The kind of things that people have on their bucket list are usually things that have to be done in foreign countries, so grasp the opportunity with both hands.

You might want to swim with dolphins or climb Mount Fuji. There are a million possibilities out there for you. You could even dedicate your entire trip to one of your lifelong ambitions. For example, some people go and work in a poor country teaching English and others look after orphaned orangutans.

Cater to Your Own Needs

Each of us has different ideas about what makes a great holiday, so don’t just do things because people have recommended them to you. Take the time to do your own research and think about what you need from your holiday. This is the only way to get the best possible experience from your travels.

There might be other physical needs you have too. You should take any illnesses and disabilities you or someone you’re travelling with has before you decide on your destination. Being disabled doesn’t mean that you can’t travel though; plenty of companies offer holidays for the disabled, so do your research.

When You’re There, Meet New People

If you ask me, one of the greatest things about travelling is the opportunity it gives you to meet people you’d never have otherwise met. You could meet fellow travellers on your trip or you might want to get to know the locals. Whatever you do, don’t shut yourself off or you’ll become bored and isolated.

If you’re going to a place that you’ve never been to before and know nothing about, speaking to the local people and learning things from them is a great idea. You never know, you might even meet someone who will become a friend for life. I know lots of people have done this, so why don’t you?


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Now you know how to plan your trip, it’s time to start your planning!


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