A Backpack Budget Guide to Cheap Hotels in Malta

Just because Malta is a “place to go” doesn’t mean it’s only a destination where the rich can afford. The Island of Malta can be expensive due to the fact that it is a truly popular destination. With a bit of research, a seasoned traveller can find cheap hotels in Malta that are clean, adequate and safe.

Some Cheap Hotels in Malta But Very Comfortable

  • The Shamrock Apartments offer a budget package with no frills but staying there involves a clean room without any issues. The staff is friendly and welcoming and the location provides a safe, affordable location to use as a temporary home while in Malta. Located on J. Quintinus Street, the Shamrock Apartments don’t necessarily rate high on a standard hotel star rating, but many visitors have given this location close to a personal five-star recommendation and one of the top destinations. The Apartments can be reached at 011 356 2157 5602 or their website (http://www.shamrockmalta.com/).


  • The Coral Hotel in Bugibba is another low cost option. However, this location is more for adults than for families with children. There isn’t much for entertaining children and even the pool isn’t accommodating for the little ones. However, if travelling as adults or as a couple, the Coral Hotel will work very well when in Malta on a tight budget. Overall, the hotel provides a clean, solid place to stay for a holiday. There are no big perks and big-time hotel amenities. It’s not a five-star hotel, after all. But the Coral does provide a reliable lodging location on Malta for its cost. Located on Pioneer Road, the Hotel can be contacted at 1-866-599-6674. Don’t forget to dial international.


  • The Milano Due provides a multi-story hotel location on Malta that definitely works for adults travelling on their own as well as couples on a budget. Located at 113 the Strand, Il Gzira, The Milano Due gives a view of the harbour with a small queen sized bed and a balcony for relaxing. The bathrooms are small but clean and functional. The furniture is basic and utilitarian at best. The address is in a good place near cafés and restaurants so a person doesn’t have to travel far for a meal. Staff is repeatedly described as friendly and helpful, even when working with a bargain hotel that can’t please everyone. To contact the hotel call 356 21 332637 (Reservations) or use their website (http://www.milanoduehotel.com/Index.aspx).


  • The name of the Relax Inn may sound like a five and dime dive, but the hotel does provide a fairly good bargain stay for its price. The majority of guests rank the hotel just shy of 4 stars in terms of personal ratings, and all agree the hotel is clean, affordable, and with a bit of a view of Malta, depending on which room one gets. Rooms are fairly bare with standard beds and utilitarian furniture, but that’s expected with a budget hotel. A king-sized bed is possible, however. The Relax Inn is located on Halel Street, and can be reached on their website (http://relaxinnhotel-bugibba.com/).


  • The Euroclub Hotel is not a dance club, so relax if you were worried music would keep you up all night. Instead, it is one of the cheap hotels in Malta and a decent budget place to stay on Fliegu Street in Qawra, rated three stars by guest feedback. The rooms have a slight bit more amenities in them and matching furniture, unlike some other budget places. However, the bathrooms are basic and somewhat dated. There are some areas where the maintenance missed a few spots or the repair which are noticeable. The Hotel pool is sizeable and has a slide, so the kids will enjoy the location a bit more than others. If interested, the Euroclub Hotel can be reached at (+356) 2158 1079 or on their website (http://www.euroclubhotelmalta.com/).


  • The Sunflower Hotel is easily noticeable at night, given its multi-floor structure and lighting. The Hotel on the outside and inside offers a clean place to stay for its price. Most of the floors and halls may seem a bit bare as the structure predominantly uses white walls and tile flooring all over the place. The rooms have matching furniture which is more often than not carved light wood with wrought iron framing. The Hotel has both an indoor and outdoor pool, so visitors can take a dip regardless of the temperature outside. The hotel restaurant is very clean and welcoming, again with a heavy emphasis on light wood furniture. Food is served cafeteria style, but there’s plenty to eat for anybody’s diet. The Hotel can be reached at 1-866-599-6674 and is located at Triq Garcia de Toledo in Qawra in St. Paul’s Bay.

Most Comfortable

People finding good accommodations on a budget will be pleased with the list of available cheap hotels in Malta. These hotels don’t include special frilly towels, extra services, a wet bar in the hotel room, or a personal chaperone. However, they will make sure your stay will be the most comfortable you will ever experience on your holidays to Malta.

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Ariana Louis is an experienced travel writer who loves to backpack and travel ruggedly to different top destinations in Europe and Asia. She writes about where to stay and where to eat! Most of the places she has visited have been on the top of travel magazine recommendations. Now she writes for Travel Republic and gives advice on finding the best deals and cheap hotels in Malta.

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