8 Top Tips For The Best Flight Experience

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Over the past few years, airlines have changed a lot – seats are more cramped, extra charges apply, and more people are squeezed onto each flight. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a positive travel experience.

There are many simple ways you can make your flight experience more enjoyable, all you need to do is be prepared and plan ahead.

For our ultimate guide to having the best flight experience ever, have a read of this.

Arrive at the airport early

Rushing is the worst thing you can do; there is nothing worse than panicking to get your flight, and then realizing you forgot something important. Make sure to pack everything the day before you travel and use a checklist to ensure you have everything.

Aim to arrive at the airport two and a half hours before your flight is set to depart. Whilst you may think you will be bored, once you have checked in, gone through security and browsed the duty-free stores, your flight will soon depart.

If you find that your flight is delayed for longer than a few hours you may be entitled to compensation. To find out more, contact Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Pack a sleep kit

If you know you will be on the flight for a long time or late at night, it makes sense to take a sleep bag with you. Planes used to give these out free of charge, but now they charge for them, so it is a good idea to take your own bits and bobs with you.

Pack a neck pillow, a lightweight blanket, warm socks, eye mask, and ear plugs. It’s difficult to sleep if you are shivering, so a blanket is essential, just don’t pick one that is too large or heavy.

Keep your carry-on bag light

Don’t be tempted to over pack your carry-on bag. With more and more baggage charges in place, many people try to fill their carry-on bags with extra clothing. However, this will only end up weighing you down. Keep your carry-on bag light and easy to carry. You should be able to lift it easily into the overhead compartment yourself.

Your carry-on bag should consist of things like your phone; a good book and snacks and drinks brought from the airport’s duty-free section. As well as an IPad or tablet, cards, and anything else that you need.

Instead of paying for headphone to watch the in-flight movie, download movies onto your tablet beforehand.

Drink lots of water

Make the flight more comfortable by drinking lots of water whilst on board. The air conditioned air that passes through planes leads to a parched throat, chapped lips and dry skin. To help prevent these side effects, drink lots of water before and during the flight.

Pack healthy snacks

Save yourself some money by packing healthy snacks, instead of relying on the food available on the plane. Eating healthy snacks throughout your journey can help to prevent your blood sugar from going too low, as well as  keeping you feeling full. Snacks like carrot batons, sticks of celery and whole-grain crackers are all delicious, easy to eat and are filling – perfect for flights.

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