China is a dramatically different world of fascinating ancient and modern architecture, culture, scenery, wildlife and wildlife that will astound you. Aside from its historical treasures such as the terracotta army and the Great Wall of China, the panda is China’s national treasure and one of the world’s most beloved animals. A China safari holiday takes you to the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Centre in Sichuan, which is a verdant Bamboo forest that conserves pandas by mimicking their natural habitat.


Botswana offers exclusive wild encounters in a unique way. It is one of the most expensive safari holiday destinations with private reserves and stylish accommodation. The Okavango Delta attracts millions of animals especially during the dry season and creates such a breathtaking spectacle. It also boasts of other exceptional parks such as Linyati, Chobe and Savuti, which offer unforgettable safari experiences.


South Africa is vast and alluring with dramatic sceneries, iconic sights and famous game reserves. It offers quite a unique experience from other African countries with its sophisticated cities and activities such as shark diving, which are uncommon in the rest of Africa. Cape Town is one of the most amazing cities in Africa in the same league with the likes of Rio de Janeiro in terms of beautiful setting. You can drive the Garden Route and see stunning sights every step of the way, whilst Kruger National Park is one of the highlights of a South African Safari, which offers incredible game viewing and great infrastructure.


Namibia is stunning and an unrivalled safari destination in Africa. It is vast and dominated by the oldest desert on earth and the largest sand dunes on the planet. Namibia’s landscapes are mind-blowing and photographers enjoy capturing its beauty. The Skeleton Coast and Kunene River valley in the north are mysterious and exceptional while inland desert elephants and desert rhino offer unique game viewing experiences. Etosha National Park’s overwhelming wildlife concentrations only add up to the amazing safari experience. Check out Signature’s luxury safaris in Namibia to get a flavour of what’s involved.


Mozambique is an island nation off the coast of eastern coastline of the African continent that is famous for its exceptional beaches and safari parks. Though its parks are not as great as its counterparts in neighboring Tanzania are, it offers miles upon miles of superbly unspoilt thriving coral reefs and beaches. It is ideal for romantic and family getaways.


The Seychelles comprises of islands off the eastern African coast scattered on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.  The islands are of various sizes and boasts of lush tropical forests, thick woodlands and unspoilt beaches untouched by the rigour of the modern world.


India intrigues all senses with its sights, cultures and wildlife. It has it all for any kind of holiday including amazing safari adventures. Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan offers incredible game viewing of animals such as leopards, jackals, Macaque monkeys, marsh crocodiles and tigers.  India also offers other fascinating attractions such as ancient forts, palaces, mosques and temples. It is the perfect destination to combine safari holiday with beach, cultural and sightseeing holidays.


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