6 Secret Tips For People Traveling In Turkey

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Turkey is a popular travel destination for many tourists. The country is famous for having reasonable prices and great weather. Those two factors are the main reasons people opt to see the fascinating land. There are many things to do and see in the country. You will find that on your visit, you learn many things about the region that you would not have expected. Before you visit the country, you should do a little research. Here are six secret tips for people traveling in Turkey.

1. Make sure your money is pristine

When you exchange your money, make sure that you stash your cash in a safe place. Notes are easy to tear, and many places will not accept damaged money. That means that if you rip the money by accident, it will become worthless. You could lose a lot of money by failing to take care when handling it. Put your cash in a safe purse and only get it out when you’re about to pay for something.

2. Turkey is great for golf-lovers

The climate and the land in Turkey mean that the country is a great place to play golf. If you happen to love the sport, golf holidays in Turkey are reasonable and enjoyable. There are many vast golf courses in the country. Lots of tourists visit the country for golfing weekends and luxury stays.

3. Travel on the dolmus

When you are traveling around the country, don’t pay for expensive cab rides. Instead, take a dolmus. A dolmus is a type of mini-coach that travels around various destinations in the country. You will only pay a small fare to hop on a dolmus, and you can get off wherever you please. When you reach your hotel, ask the receptionist about dolmus timetables.

4. Always haggle when shopping

You should never take the first price when in Turkey. It is part of the culture in the country to haggle on pricing for everything from shoes to meals. Remember, the sales assistant will always start at the top price and it is your job to bring that price down. Decide how much you want to pay for the product and offer a price that it much lower. As you come up, the sales assistant will come down, and you should reach your ideal price.

5. Wear clothing that covers your skin

What Should I Pack for My Turkey Travel? You might have been asking yourself this question if you are planning to travel to Turkey in the coming months. Well for starters, consider packing full-sleeve clothing or ones that can cover your skin. The heat in Turkey can be unbearable during the summer. Of course, you should wear sun protection, but it is also worth covering your skin when possible. When you’re around the pool, it is fine to wear your swimming costume, so long as you wear lots of sunscreen. When you explore the cities and towns, though, you will need to cover up as much as you can. Most of the time, when people get sunburned, it is when they are walking around. People tend to forget to apply protection when they are exploring and end up getting burned.

6. Always carry a water bottle

Aside from getting sunburned, sunstroke is a common problem for tourists in Turkey. Make sure that you rest in the shade between walking around. You should also carry a bottle of water with you at all times. Dehydration can be awful when you are traveling. It is not safe to drink tap water in Turkey, and so you will need to make sure that you have a bottle with you at all times. Buy bottled water from your hotel and put it in your bag. Many local shops refill bottles with tap water and sell them to you. You should make sure that nobody has opened the cap of the bottle before you buy it.

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