5 Vacation Ideas Everyone Should Experience When They Are Young

Time flies by so quickly, and many of us look back in regret that we didn’t see, or make enough of, the opportunities available to us when we were young and fit. The world is a big place and has much to offer, but often, younger people only appreciate their local surroundings, being far more interested in the opposite sex than travelling the world. If people are lucky enough to be able to afford it, they may take a gap year before attending university, and this is a great way to discover other cultures. Volunteering in foreign countries is a character building experience that also makes you feel good about yourself and changes your outlook on the world.

There are certain holidays that are mainly reserved for the fit and healthy. Here are a few suggestions for holidays that everyone should experience when they are young.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The awesome thing about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is that you don’t have to be a mountain climber. Though it stands almost 6000m above sea level, the summit can be reached by following steep trails. For this challenge, you will need a steely determination as well as being physically fit. There is a possibility you may be affected by altitude sickness too as the levels of oxygen are reduced as you climb higher. It is recommended that you gain experience before your trip by climbing the hills in Wales or Scotland.

Swim With Dolphins in The Azores

There are companies that specialise in trips for swimming with dolphins. In the crystal clear waters of The Azores, you will find yourself face to face with our aquatic cousins. Dolphins are majestic creatures, and their intelligence is reckoned to be equal, if not superior, to our own. We have mastered life on land, but it is  intelligent mammals that rule the sea.

Snow Activities

If you have no fear of speed or broken bones, skiing or snowboarding is an experience you will never forget. Trips can be booked at http://momentumski.com/ and many other places online, that will give you luxury accommodation, perfect slopes, and instruction to cater for any level of ability.


Many young people are lovers of water and where best to find waves and beautiful people than Bondi Beach in Gold Coast, Australia. This world famous tourist attraction gives guaranteed sunshine and white water during the tourist season. It may take a while to get onto the board and professional instruction is advisable as, when you are hit by a wave, there is danger in the water.

Sun, Sea and …. Sand

Well, you are only young once, and you will find plenty of Spanish islands waiting to give you the hedonistic experience of a lifetime. The younger generation flock, in droves, to these centres of nightlife entertainment and daytime sun traps. It is a boozy experience that everyone should try at least once.

There are many exciting and physically demanding trips of a lifetime that are there for the taking. Consider kayaking down the amazon river or base jumping from the top of Victoria Falls. There is no doubt about it; the world is an exciting place; dangerous too for the unprepared. Make the most of it while you can.


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