5 Useful Apps for Travelling Abroad

Whenever we travel abroad, one of the things we take with us is our mobile phones, so that we can be contactable in case of an emergency. Those of us that take smartphones abroad will find that they are a very useful tool to possess in a foreign country, as it means that you will be able to access your email for example, and also have access to your favourite apps and games.


The bonus with taking a mobile phone with you whilst travelling is that you can use it as your virtual tourist guide and travel centre all rolled into one. Take a look at these five useful apps for travelling abroad, that all smartphone users should have installed!

For translations: Google Translate


Although this is by no means a substitute for actually learning to speak and understand a different language, the Google Translate app is very useful for helping you translate words and phrases in over 60 different languages, and is perfect for getting you out of potentially confusing or misinterpreted situations.

The great thing about this free app is that for 17 languages, it lets you speak the words that are to be translated, and it will even speak over 24 language translations back to you!

Download the free Google Translate app for iOS and Android devices.


For currency conversions: XE Currency Pro


Many people will use their debit or credit card to buy things overseas, and some people get cash changed over to the relevant currency here in the UK before they travel. But sometimes it works out cheaper to get some cash changed over when you are abroad, and of course it is always handy knowing what the value of an item is in Pounds before buying it overseas (for example, meals in restaurants).

You can quickly and easily find out how much the Pound is worth in the local currency with the XE Currency Pro app. With over 14 million users, this ad-free app has been featured on the iTunes store, and on various online websites and services such as the BBC and The Travel Channel.

Download the XE Currency Pro app for iOS (£1.49) and Android (£1.28) devices.


For remembering things: List Master


If you are forever forgetting to pack things to take on your holidays or business trips abroad, then you need something to help you remember, and to remind you before you go!

This is where the List Master app comes in. You can create all sorts of customisable lists and enter in any type of information – text, numbers, contact details, and more. Fonts and colours are also customisable to your requirements, and you can even search your lists for specific items.

Download the List Master app for iOS (£5.49) and Android (£4.46) devices.


For free phone calls and texts: Viber


Most accommodation around the world will provide some kind of Wi-Fi Internet access in your room or apartment, so if you need to contact people back in the UK on the phone or by text message and you don’t want to pay the seemingly rip-off prices that networks sometimes charge you for “roaming” abroad, then you need to get yourself the Viber app.

A free app, it lets you contact other people that also use Viber so that you can both enjoy phone calls and messaging using the wonders of VoIP (Voice over IP) technology!

Download the free Viber app for iOS and Android devices.


For navigation: Google Maps


Google Maps is one of the best known and used free mapping services on the web, on tablet computers and especially on smartphones. If you are in a foreign land and you don’t know where you are (or how to get somewhere), then let Google Maps direct you there quickly and easily.

Download the free Google Maps app for iOS and Android devices.

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