5 Travel Hacks to Make the Most of Your Vacation in Mauritius

Mauritius brings to mind vibrant images of balmy beaches, azure blue skies, imposing mountain ranges, green sugarcane fields, and thrilling watersports. If can’t wait to experience any of these, why not start planning your next vacation in advance? Besides, being prepared always helps, right?

To add finishing touches to your trip, we have listed five travel hacks that will ensure you return home with only fond memories.

  1. If possible, skip the usual tourist spots

Most Mauritius tour packages feature destinations such as Flic en Flac, Grand Baie, and Trou aux Biches that witness a heavy inflow of tourists. Although these breathtaking locations are worth a visit, they are often crowded and known to be popular tourist traps, where you may just end up spending more than you intended to.  Instead, you could choose to explore hidden attractions like the wilderness of the Black River Gorges National Park or the lively market in Mahebourg. Mainly, the island’s eastern and southern regions are ideal places to visit since these destinations are yet to experience mass tourism.

  1. Look beyond the beaches and venture into less-crowded zones

Although the mention of Mauritius instantly brings to mind an image of a beach, you should know that there is much more to the island than just this. Look out for a Mauritius holiday package that lets you experience more than just the sun and sand.  Visits to locations like the Black River Gorges National Park are the ideal example of an all-encompassing trip. You could enjoy a trek through the park’s forested interiors and enjoy the verdant surroundings. Besides, the destination boasts of over 60 km of picnic areas, hiking trails, and even quad biking routes!

  1. Carry loads of sunscreen lotion from home

The sun could be harsh on your skin when you are in Mauritius, especially since beaches are bound to be a part of the itinerary in most Mauritius packages. Therefore, it is advisable to carry loads of sunscreen lotion from home. You could buy it from stores at the destination; however, it could weigh heavily on your budget. Besides, you won’t just be saving yourself from nasty sunburns but also from having to spend unnecessarily.

  1. Rely on locals instead of your GPS

It has been observed that Google Maps is not a very reliable guide in Mauritius. Therefore, unless you wish to end up in a place you hadn’t planned to arrive at, you should refrain from using this option. Instead, you could rely on the locals for directions, who are helpful and friendly.

  1. Shop for souvenirs from different places

Often while traveling in a group, your guide could take you to certain pre-chosen souvenir shops as doing so gives them the opportunity to earn a commission. Considering that there is a range of places to visit in Mauritius, there is a multitude of souvenir shops across various price categories too. This is mainly why you shouldn’t restrict your options. Try shopping for mementos across different places. In most cases, you will find what you are looking for at bargain prices.

These Mauritius travel hacks will ensure you go back home with more than just a sun-kissed tan.  Opt for good holiday package and we bet the memories you create at this breathtaking destination will surely make you want to revisit the moments on a second trip.

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