5 Things to love about Paris

Nobody can deny that Paris is one of the most iconic cities in the world. Renowned for its art, fashion and food, it is a romantic destination that has been the start of many a relationship.

Paris is the world’s number one tourist destination, receiving over 28 million visitors every year. Clearly there is a lot to love about Paris. Here are out top things that we love about this beautiful city.

The food

The Parisian restaurant business has a history spanning over 220 years and the city is considered one of Europe’s culinary centres. From high end restaurants to traditional bistros, Paris has something to offer all diners.

Why do we love French food? For the classic delicacies that are know the world over, such as steamed mussels, oysters and sea snails.

The language

French has to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world; the language sounds almost as though French speakers are singing. We love listening to French, if only it wasn’t so hard to learn.

The Eiffel Tower

Surely Paris’ most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower is known the world over and features in numerous television and film productions. Offering amazing views over the city and surely the setting for many amorous moments, how could anyone not love the Eiffel Tower.

The romance

Everything about Paris screams romance, the language; the food; the architecture; the art and the culture. There is a reason why so many couples holiday in Paris, it is a city built for love.

The history

Paris and France have a long and rich history stretching back thousands of years. If you’re a history buff then you will love the historic buildings, art galleries and museums that the city has to offer.

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