5 Swimsuit Trends To Take To The Beach This Summer

For most of us, bikini season can be tough, not just for the sheer act of peeling off our cover-up for the first time all season, but for accepting the challenge of seeking out the right swimsuit for our body shape. Swimwear, after all, is personal, and only you know what you feel comfortable and confident in.

Thankfully, these days, there are so many different options that go way beyond the classic swimsuit or triangle bikini. Here, we’ve taken a look at the 5 most popular trends on the beach right now, and added tips for picking the right swimsuit for your body shape. It’s time to get excited about swimwear shopping!

  • The high-waisted bikini

A bikini with an incredibly vintage, the 1940s feel, we always picture Ally from The Notebook wearing that red bikini on the beach whenever we think of high-waisted swimwear. Not only is the high-waisted option uber-retro cool, but it’s also ideal for any ladies who are anxious about showing their stomachs or hips, as the silhouette lengthens your legs. If you’re interest in buying a pair, they might be a little hard to come by. However, with a little bit of research online, you could discover best swimwear from Arena and other brands, one of which is bound to have the perfect pair for you.

  • Fringe and ruffles

The perfect choice for girls who are ready to hit the beach, fringe and ruffles are a big trend on the beach this season, as the natural movements of the fabric draw attention. Keep the ruffles and embellishments on top if you’re conscious of your smaller chest, as the extra fabric adds volume, or move the details to the bottom half to create shape around your hips.

  • Stripes and prints

Not only are printed swimsuits much more fun to shop for and to wear, but they’re also ideal for ladies who want to add a little curve here and there. If you’re shopping for stripes, always consider the direction they’re going in – horizontal stripes create the illusion of curves as it takes the eye across instead of simply up and down, whilst diagonal stripes slim your body.

  • The V-Plunge One-Piece

Swimsuits with plunging necklines are also hitting the beach in a major way this summer, for the oh-so-flattering illusion that they create. Choose this swimsuit if you’re looking to draw attention away from your lower half or if you’re a little smaller on top. It’s also a perfect option if you’re petite and looking to elongate your whole body.

  • Mix-And-Match

Never has mixing and matching your bikini been so on-trend as it is right now, and also an ideal choice if you like having more than one option! A have-your-cake-and-eat-it style of dressing for the beach this season, mixing and matching is so much fun to do, and immediately gives a laidback, carefree vibe. The best bit? You can also pick and choose which style of bikini you like for both your top and bottom half. Winning all round!

Got a favourite swimwear trend for this season? Share your tips and tricks in the comments section!

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