5 Summer Holiday Ideas For People Who Don't Want To Fly

Not everybody wants to jump on a plane to jet off to the sun. You may be trying to reduce your carbon footprint or have a medical problem that makes flying inadvisable or, perhaps, you simply don’t like it. But that doesn’t mean to say you can’t have a great summer holiday as there are plenty of other options.

Cruises are a great way to see several different places in one holiday

Messing about on the water
Britain has more than three and a half thousand kilometres of inland waterways, including rivers, lakes and canals, which means that boating holidays are in plentiful supply and are diverse. For example, the Norfolk Broads offers a range of opportunities for couples, families and individuals and you can hire different kinds of boat, such as a sail boat or a motor boat, depending on your preference. With beautiful scenery and plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat, it’s a great alternative to flying.

Deals on wheels

Plenty of holidaymakers choose to take driving holidays, which could be in the UK or on the continent, as you can take the ferry or Eurostar, then pick up a hire car to start your tour. There are a number of features of the Pas de Calais that make it particularly suitable for driving holidays and, of course, it isn’t very far from the ferry terminal.

Cruise in comfort

If you’d rather not have to do the driving yourself, but would still like to see something of the world, Celebrity Cruises have a huge selection of trips to suit your taste. You can visit hot and sunny destinations, such as the Caribbean, or cooler places, like Norway, catching a ship which cruises from Southampton, so there’s no need for you to fly. The ships are packed with entertainment, so you’ll enjoy every moment of your holiday.

Fun at the seaside

Some of Britain’s beaches are absolutely beautiful, as long as the weather is good, but if you visit one that has rainy-day options as well, you know you can enjoy yourself whatever the weather. With Blue Flag status, which means that the beach is clean, Weymouth is a beautiful and popular resort with many local attractions that are still fun, even in the rain. You can go to the Pavilion Theatre or Portland Castle, and if the weather is pleasant, you can take a trip out to view the Portland Bill lighthouse. For fans of dinosaurs, there are tours of the area showing a number of fossils in situ, as this is known as the Jurassic Coast!

This is the age of the train

Don’t forget that, with the Channel Tunnel, if you are content to stay in Europe, there are many options for travelling by train. You could visit Switzerland and take a leisurely train ride through the Swiss Alps, stopping to visit one or two chocolatiers as you go, or you could even put on your winter woollens and catch the Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to Vladivostok. Just about wherever you want to go in Europe, a train can get you there. The continent is your oyster! See some tips on driving in France here.

Flying is just one option in the modern world of travel, and if it’s not for you, there are plenty of other ways to get from A to B, and sometimes as far as X, Y and Z!


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