5 Reasons Why You Should Experience Another Culture

As the cost of air travel becomes more and more affordable, it is now easier than ever to travel overseas. While it can be comfortable to travel somewhere that closely resembles home, experiencing another culture can be even better. Here are the top five reasons why.

It’s the perfect way to learn another language

There’s only so much you can learn from half an hour a week lessons at your local language school at home. Hearing the language spoken in its cultural context and being surrounded by it constantly means you’ll pick it up faster. Impress your teacher when you return speaking the language just as well as they do.


You’ll expand your worldview

Australia is pretty isolated so it can be easy to forget how much goes on beyond our boundaries. By experiencing another culture you can open your eyes to the beliefs and values that influence people all around the world and gain an appreciation of how people live outside Australia. You can read about other cultures all you like but nothing beats experiencing them first hand to truly understand their nuances and intricacies.

It’s a wonderful way to step outside the norm

The nine to five routine can get boring. If you find yourself going to the same places, eating the same food and making the same choices over and over, experiencing another culture can be a fantastic way to shake things up. Your desk will feel like it’s in another dimension as you meet new people, speak new languages and observe different traditions on your travels encountering different cultures. What could be better?

Bring your new skills home

Experiencing another culture can give you an arsenal of new skills and knowledge to bring home and apply to your work and home life. Finding elements in other cultures that resonate with you and applying them back home can keep your memories of your trip alive and make you feel like you’re bringing home a piece of your journey. Whether you decide to remember your experience of French culture by making a yearly tradition of a trip to your local French crêperie on Bastille Day to hang out with the ex-pats or adopting elements of Japanese minimalism in your home environment, experiencing another culture can greatly enrich your home life.

You’ll be able to view your own culture with fresh eyes

Coming home, you’ll likely be more aware of the quirks and traditions that make your culture unique. You may find yourself questioning long held beliefs and values and embracing new concepts and ideas as you view your life through the lens of another culture.

Travelling overseas is always an adventure and when you throw another culture into the mix, it’s even more so! Want to view my photo journal of my experience with foreign culture? Check out my travel blog.

Written by Juliet Siu who blogs on Lacenruffles.com on all beautiful things she discovered via her travel and shopping adventure. Connect with Juliet on Twitter @Lacenruffles or on her blog.

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