5 of the Most Popular Seaside Destinations in the UK

You know how the song goes…’Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the sea…’ Us Brits love the sea, even when the weather isn’t on our side (lets be honest, in the UK it’s usually raining!) So what are the most popular UK destinations? Read on to find out.


The UK’s favourite holiday resort continues to attract millions of visitors each year. Families and couples, young and old, loves his seaside destination and with the many things to do, its no wonder why. Blackpool’s unique appeal is that it appeals to everyone. Whether you’re looking for thrills and excitement, family entertainment and historic gems or beautiful gardens and stunning beaches, Blackpool has it all. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool Zoo, the Blackpool Tower are just a few of the places to visit. Not only does it have a wonderful seaside, it also has plenty to keep you and the rest of the family busy.


Scarborough was Britain’s first seaside resort; it has been welcoming visitors for over 360 years and is still as popular as ever! Scarborough is a great a place to stay for a holiday or short break, whichever you decide you are guaranteed a great stay as the accommodation in Scarborough is brilliant. The resort not only has a wonderful beach, it also offers first class attractions such as the award winning Sea Life Marine Sanctuary, Scarborough Art Gallery, the Rotunda Museum and of course the newly refurbished Scarborough Open Air Theatre; Europe’s largest open air theatre!


Weymouth Bay has long been called “England’s Bay of Naples”. Its beautiful scenery of coastline, cliffs and rolling hills in the distance, as well as its soft golden sands and safe bathing waters, make it difficult to find anywhere else quite like it. Places like this really make you realise the beauty that the UK holds. Surrounded by some outstanding countryside, it remains a largely unspoilt haven that more and more people are visiting each year.


Barry Island is many peoples favourite find. Some may say that Barry Island is a little run down but others may say that just adds to the wonderful character of this place! The funfair is an old, but characteristic tourist attraction but with a revamp scheduled, that is sure to change! Barry Island featured in the hit TV series, ‘Gavin and Stacey’. This wonderful program put Barry island on the map, and many fans of the series flock to visit the seaside town each year.


Stonehaven Beach is a long beach that’s facing the North Sea. It has large cliffs at either end, sheltering small rock pools and inlets, all of which make Stonehaven a wonderful place to visit. Its many unique characteristics make Stonehaven different to many UK seaside destinations. The town of Stonehaven also offers superb sandy beaches and a beautiful harbour.

This is just a little reminder to us all that sometimes, you don’t have to travel miles on aeroplanes to find beautiful places! Sometimes those places can be right under our noses. Enjoy!

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