5 Of The Best European Countries To Visit With Your Family

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With European holidays being so cheap these days, it is no wonder that people are choosing to travel there for their annual vacation. The low cost is partially because budget airlines cram people into their planes in ever smaller seats. That is a small price to pay to keep prices down so that all of us have access to cultures that are only a couple of hours away.

Expats is a word we are becoming more familiar with as many people head off permanently to make a new life on the continent. All it takes is one holiday to fall in love with the area, and you sow the seeds of emigration.

Here are my top five recommended countries that you must jet off to with your family when you get the opportunity to do so.


Italy is a country of passionate people, top fashion, and pasta based food. Let us not forget that Rome was also the capital of a once magnificent empire that spanned most of Europe. Ancient Romans left much behind them for us to marvel. Their feats of construction are mind blowing in their complexity. For an educational trip, Italy has it all. It is also surrounded by the sea and has hundreds of miles of world class beaches, so there is something for the whole family.


Our nearest neighbour is the most convenient country for us to visit. Eurodisney is a main attraction for families. It is situated just outside Paris, and though it is not quite as impressive as its American cousin, there is plenty for the whole family to do there. Paris is a city of romance, shopping, and culture too, so there are plenty of museums to visit and gourmet food to sample.


Cyprus has received a lot of bad press recently because of the state of its economy. In fact, personal bank accounts were raided to bail the country out a couple of years ago. For those seeking an idyllic place to live, properties in Cyprus are exceptional value for money. The people are still weathering a financial storm but are polite courteous, and seem happy to see you. The beaches are second to none, and because it is an island they focus on water based activities. Ayia Napa is a popular tourist destination where an exciting nightlife goes hand in hand with relaxed days. For those seeking a beach holiday, this is a great place to go.


I go to Austria every year for excitement and danger, but the ski slopes there will cater for every level of skier, so the whole family can learn to ski together. Hire a wooden chalet in the resort of St Anton and relax in luxury before taking expert tuition on the nursery slopes. Leave the off piste skiing to experts like me for now.


Most of the Spanish islands center around tourism. Tenerife is arguably  the most famous as Brits return there year after year. With a lively nightlife, incredible scenery, and picturesque beaches; Tenerife has something for the whole family.

Are you getting itchy feet now? It is only a matter of weeks until the kids break up for their summer holidays and most of us jet off into the sun. I hope you have found my suggestions useful and visit some of these countries. Have a Kalo Taxithi my friends.


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