5 London Icons You Need To Visit

If you are a globetrotter, you probably have an extensive list of things you have to see. They might include Niagara Falls or the Eiffel Tower. It doesn’t matter where you travel to, there will always be more to see than you can possibly fit in during your visit. London is one of the only cities in the world where you really can see it all in one day. Everything across England’s capital is so easily accessible.

When you are travelling in London, you may want to take advantage of a travel card that will give you unlimited travel on all buses, underground rail and light rail systems. You could choose to walk across central London in a day if you wanted. Following the river offers the most scenic route to take and offers you the opportunity to see some of the greatest London icons. If you are visiting London for a long weekend find hotel online or search for secret hotels of London so you can find even more exciting sights, London has to offer. Here is our list of top 5 London icons to visit.

  1. London Eye – Starting here gives you the chance to see most of London from the comfort of your own pod up in the sky. Situated on the river bank, you can climb aboard this giant wheel that slowly takes you up to great heights for viewing London.

  2. Houses of Parliament – Westminster Palace is an incredible example of London architecture. You can see it clearly from the London Eye, or you can get down on the ground and have a wander around these historic buildings. Occasionally you may even see a famous politician taking a stroll at lunch time! Listen to Big Ben’s chimes from inside or out.

  3. Buckingham Palace – This beautiful building is gated and guarded, but there are times when you can take a tour of the Queen’s official residence. The guards are world-renowned for being completely unphased by anything you might do in front of them. The challenge for every tourist is to get one to smile. How they stand in such a focussed yet meditative state is anybody’s guess but having a piccy taken next to one of these guards is a must.

  4. St. Paul’s Cathedral – This stunning building is steeped in a rich history. Participate in a tour or talk to truly appreciate everything about this monument. It stands on the site of an ancient church from the medieval period and has been saved from a fire on more than one occasion by the brave Brits charged with her care. Climb the stairs and have a go at sending a whisper round the circular wall.


Image of St. Pauls Cathedral courtesy of Flickr

  1. Covent Garden – A shopper’s delight filled with little boutiques and eateries. The entertainment outside is second to none and frequently draws large crowds. Covent Garden is quaint and quirky with its cobbled streets and unique markets. Find a little book store next to a perfumery and sit down with Japanese food to watch the world go by.

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