5 Fun Days Out With the Kids This Autumn

With the onset of autumn, many families will be wondering what exactly they can get up to in the damp and drizzly months ahead. It’s certainly not a time to hide indoors, however, as there is so much you can still do across the whole of the UK.


With this handy, brief guide I hope to provide you with the inspiration you need to ensure the autumn and winter months ahead offer plenty of excitement for every member of the family, but with an added touch of interest for your little ones.

  1. Bowling

There’s something special about heading off to play bowling – it’s an often unspoken but great pastime that everyone absolutely loves. You can easily find a local ten-pin bowling center (like temple bowling centers) to enjoy with your family. In most of these centers, prices tend to be low since children usually receive discounts.

For kids, you can also get assistance such as guard rails to ensure everyone has a fun time. This ensures their bowling won’t end up missing the pins, so everyone will have a fun time. You don’t need to be whizz to enjoy this activity, you just need enthusiasm and team spirit! For bowling tips, you can read up on the best approach before you take to the alleyway!

  1. Safari Parks & Zoos

Whether it’s Chester Zoo or Knowsley Safari park, your kids will adore a trip out to see some of the world’s most enigmatic and appealing creatures. Whether it’s lions, rhinos, or monkeys, a trip to a safari park is an educational and fun experience simultaneously.

Your children can learn about the wider world and understand the importance of conservationism. You may even trigger off some budding naturalists with a simple day out! At the very least it’s simply a relaxing experience to see exotic animals behaving almost as if they would out in the wild. This Wildlife Park Guide offers many of the locations you can visit for your fun day out.

  1. Visit the Theatre

Despite all the modern technology which has entered our lives, the theatre remains an ever popular source of entertainment for all ages. With its unmatchable atmosphere and live productions, the theatre is here to stay in our lives and offers kids a fantastic and stimulating form of culture and entertainment in one.

There are many modern productions which cater solely for children, but adults will also be able to find shows which put on an ideal blend of entertainment for all ages. Whether it’s old classics or modern pantomime, it’s a perfect way to pass an evening. Simply search for your local venue and have a look at what shows are on or upcoming. This Children’s theatre in London guide is an ideal place to start.

  1. Visit a Theme Park

Although summer is the peak season, famous theme parks are still open for business as autumn rolls in. Arguably one of the ultimate fun days out with kids available in the UK, amusement parks such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, and Thorpe Park provide thrills and spills for all of the family.

Whether it’s heart pumping action or a more pedestrian pace you’re looking for, these parks deliver much more than rollercoasters and offer a special treat for all of the family. There are often also regular deals for kids, so keep an eye out and make your booking to see spectacular shows, enjoy fine dining, or simply head out on a thrill seekers trip.

  1. Plus, one more for good luck… Netflix It!

Of course, if it’s too cold, wet, and windy outside, you can always rely on modern technology to get you through a blustery weekend. For as little as 5.99 a month, you can have access to hundreds of high-quality films and TV shows.

So whether you want to giggle your way through SpongeBob SquarePants or enjoy the Toy Story films, it’s ideal for all ages on those rainy days.

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