4 Things You’ve Probably Never Considered Doing on Holiday

When you embark on a holiday you may already have an itinerary detailing what you’re going to be doing. What you might not have considered is that a holiday is the perfect opportunity to do something you’ve never done before. Of course, this might depend upon the kind of thing you’re interested in doing. But you should try to find a way to do something you’ve never tried. The list could be endless, but if you have a bucket list refer to that and try to do something from the list.]

Here is a list of four great ideas that you’ve probably never considered doing when on holiday:


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1. Swim With Dolphins

This is something that often appears on many people’s bucket lists. Though it’s something few of them get to do. A lot of holiday destinations have facilities that allow you to swim with dolphins. It’s just a case of looking in to arranging it. Dolphins are perceptive and intelligent creatures. And swimming with them is a thrilling and exciting activity. Wherever you go on your next holiday check whether there’s anywhere that you can swim with dolphins. It might be a once in a lifetime experience for you, and it’s something to cross off that bucket list!

2. Train Huskies

Did you know you can take lessons to train huskies when you’re on holiday? Yes, amazingly this is a fun and awesome activity you can do. If you’re somewhere cold and snowy like Finland where you might be using huskies this is perfect. Get some of the local trainers to teach you how to do it. You can be barking commands to your pack of huskies as they drag your sledge across the beautiful, glistening tundras. How many people can say that they’ve had the chance to mush a husky sled?

3. Food Tour

Many holiday destinations offer food tours around local towns or cities. These are amazing opportunities for foodies to get to grips with foreign local cuisine. You might even think about booking a food tour holiday. There are a lot of choices out there for this kind of thing. Sample locally sourced and cooked dishes for maximum enjoyment. You might even think about taking some cooking classes in conjunction with the food tours. A lot of places will have workshops where you can try your hand at making dishes yourself. Just don’t expect everyone to want to taste your cooking!

4. Ice Skating

Why would I want to ice skate on holiday? I hear you ask. Well, ice skating is fun and enjoyable. It’s a sociable activity, and it’s something you can do as a family. But also, you’ll find that ice skating abroad can be a lot different to ice skating back home. For instance, did you know if you go to Paris in December you can ice skate on the top of the Eiffel Tower?! Think about how amazing that would be. That’s certainly something unique that only a select few people in the world will be able to say they’ve done.


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