4 Exciting Alternatives To Beach Vacations

Just like many other travellers, I love planning trips to new places. While I am a real lover of beach holidays, I must admit that sometimes it’s nice to organise a vacay that’s a little different.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never get bored of sunning myself on a tropical beach. However, every so often, it’s nice to mix things up and swap that beach trip for an exciting new destination. There are so many fantastic alternatives to beach holidays, and as travellers, we must give them a try. For instance, from skiing to camping and safari, you can have various options to explore. And if you want to experience more excitement and thrill from your outing, you can also check out https://www.spitfires.com/ or similar websites to learn flying a warplane like Spitfire through a simulator. You could also fly in it in a passenger seat for a unique and unforgettable experience.

So, fancy taking a trip that doesn’t involve sand and sea? Then have a read of these four exciting beach holiday alternatives – these are all trip that I cannot wait to go on myself.

  1. Go skiing


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The polar opposite to a beach holiday, skiing is something that everyone must try at least once. It’s fun, exciting, and also, is great for fitness. If you don’t mind the cold and are a fan of adventure sports, then taking a skiing trip could be perfect for you.

One of the best things about a skiing vacation is the fact that it makes a great group holiday. There’s something about being out on the slopes with your friends or family that makes the experience even more memorable.

  1. Plan a spa break

Are you in need of a little relaxation time? Has your hectic lifestyle left you feeling stressed out to the max? If so, a spa break could be the ideal vacation for you – there’s nothing quite like a hot stone massage to relax you.

Whether you want to take a trip in the UK or abroad, there are plenty of spa resorts to choose from. If you would prefer to stay in the country, Bath in Somerset has some amazing resorts. This includes Britain’s only natural thermal spa, Thermae Bath Spa. If, however, you would prefer to go abroad, you will also find lots of fabulous resorts to choose from. You can check out all of the best spa resorts abroad, here.

  1. Book a Safari


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You can visit the zoo or take a UK Safari at Longleat Safari Park, but there is nothing like the real deal – aka an African Safari. If you fancy taking a trip with a difference, going on Safari in the bush is one of the best things that you can do.

I have always wanted to go on Safari, myself, and I cannot wait until I can plan a trip to Africa. When I do, I will be using the excellent safari planning guide from http://go.safaridrive.com/how-to-plan-your-perfect-african-safari/. There is so much useful information on here; it’s definitely worth taking a look.

The most important thing, when it comes to organising a Safari trip is the type of Safari that you want to go on. You can either opt for a self-drive Safari – by yourself or as part of a group, or you can go for an operator organised tour. Personally, I would opt to go on a Safari that’s run by a tour operator. As that way, you would probably have a better chance of seeing more wildlife.

  1. Take a road trip

If you like the idea of seeing a few different places on vacation, consider planning a road trip. Whether you are travelling as part of a group or with your family, taking a road trip is a fantastic way to see more locations.

Road trip planning does take a lot or organisation, but it’s worth the effort. Road trips can be a lot of fun, but if you fail to plan them properly, you can end up not being able to make the most of your time away. For road trip success, there are three crucial things you need: a mapped out route, a good vehicle, and pre-booked accommodation.

Fancy taking a trip with a difference? Then consider one of my ideas listed, above. Beach holidays can be a lot of fun, but sometimes, it’s nice to do something that’s a little more exciting.


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