Uzbekistan is an ancient country that remains as it was centuries ago. It takes you to days when ambitious traders and fearless travelers walked its cobbled streets in search of treasure, trading opportunities and a place to rest. Just as it was in the past, cobbled streets meander past mud-bricks buildings and the Uzbekistan people hold and celebrate ancient traditions.

It is not an obvious destination for most travelers but those who venture out to this marvelous country will find numerous historical sites most of which preciously guard their UNESCO World Heritage title. Ancient cities lie along the Silk Road and boast of the most fascinating structures and artifacts, which serve as a testament to the deep intriguing past of this wonderful country.


Dubai is the ultimate destination for desert golf holidays. Its coastal and desert playground coupled with the finest luxury hotels on the planet make it the destination of choice for 2014 golf holidays. Its fast and incredible developments include outstanding courses created by some of the leading names in the game.

Some of the prestigious golf courses in Dubai include the Emirates, Els club, Dubai Creek and the amazing Earth and Fire courses at Jumeirah Golf Estates. Along the stunning Gulf coastline are gorgeous developments such as the Le Royal Meridien, dhow shaped Burj Al Arab and the Hilton Jumeirah beach that will astound you.

Dubai also offers unrivalled range of leisure activities such as thrilling desert safaris, fishing and horse riding to keep you entertained even when not teeing off.


UK boasts of breathtaking attractions both natural and manmade; from the sophisticated cities to the dramatic coastline and everything in between, it is the perfect place for a quiet getaway. One of the great ways to enjoy a UK break is staying in a cottage. Delightful cottages dot the country from cheap to luxurious accommodation in beautiful locations.

A cottage break in the UK is beneficial in that it gives you flexibility and freedom than most forms of accommodation. You are not restricted to meal schedules or menus, you eat what you want and roam over the countryside at your own pace.

Most large cottages in the UK come with fully equipped kitchens, cozy sitting areas, hot tubs, swimming pools and even game rooms. You also get to choose from countryside cottages to seaside cottages depending on the types of activities you are interested in such as yachting or cycling.


France is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe and for great reasons, it is the land of fine living, it oozes culture and style and has incredible food and wine to boot. Walking in the streets of Paris, aromas of freshly baked baguettes will delight your nostrils and you can walk into a pastry or bakery shop and buy a crusty piece for less than a Euro.

France has an incredible variety of food from its regions; each region produces specialties out of the best that a region has to offer. You can enjoy Socca in Nile, ratatouille in Provence, Butter in Brittany and wine in Normandy. Treat your palate to the best in France regions in 2014, and you will have the experience of a lifetime.

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